university of louisville

  1. S

    Louisville (OOS) vs. Tennessee (IS)

    So I got accepted into both Louisville and Memphis but was split between the two school. Which school is better for dental? I am instate for Memphis but I have heard Louisville prepares you very well.
  2. M

    MWU-AZ or UL or UK

    I am fortunate enough to be accepted to these three schools, All three of them are great in their own aspect. If you had the choice between the three which one would you choose and why? For me personally i am gearing towards UK because of the smaller class size and the technological advances...
  3. CardsDMDOMS

    University of Louisville OMFS - Anything Relevant

    Hi all, I'm currently a 3rd year dental student interested in OMFS. I'm from Louisville and am considering UofL for residency. If you could tell me anything about the program that might be helpful, it would be greatly appreciated. Please be candid. How does the scope of training compare to...