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  1. L

    Geisinger(GCSOM) vs. University of Maryland / Penn State

    So I am grateful to have been accepted to 3 great medical school programs. However, I am also struggling to choose which school I should commit to, partly because of the delay with the FAFSA financial aid process. These are my 3 choices: Geisinger Commonwealth SOM - Abigail Geisinger Scholar...
  2. medshousing

    Renting Unfurnished Beautiful townhouse for rent Baltimore Listing# 1844 117 Ruth Eager Ct, Baltimore, Maryland, United States End of Group Town Home in Grey Rock Villas tucked in a quiet cul-de-sac with beautiful views of the Water fountain. Great location, Gated community with lovely grounds and Community outdoor Pool. High...
  3. A

    MD/PhD Help Me Decide: Loyola University Chicago vs. University of Maryland

    Hello everyone. I'm new to SDN, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm incredibly fortunate to have acceptances to two quality MD/PhD programs, but I am having trouble officially deciding which program to attend. I would welcome any honest opinions and thoughts! Here are my...
  4. N

    Housing offer: Cozy house walking distance to U of Maryland Baltimore campus

    Hey, Jetting off to fellowship on July 1st. Looking for 1-2 students or newly-matched interns/residents looking for a safe and convenient place to call home for the next few years. It's a 5 minute walk from University of Maryland professional school/hospital. 2 BR (1 with shared bath and 1 with...
  5. T

    Medical school tutoring

    Hello everyone! I am currently a medical student (finishing my second year). I am offering excellent tutoring and want to help others in the medical profession seeking tutoring or help in the following subjects/biological systems: Cell biology, anatomy, biochemistry, cardiology, respiratory...
  6. J

    University of Maryland OMFS

    Update on Maryland: When I was on the interview trail, it felt like common knowledge that University of Maryland was known for two things: All cancer all the time and being a malignant environment. Having completed my first year of residency at this program, I hope to give you all an accurate...
  7. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

    Hello people of SDN! I am deciding between UMSOM and GWU medical schools and am looking for some guidance and more info before I decide. I'm pretty torn (though I'm not asking anyone to pick for me obviously). I'm aiming to compare breadth of clinical experiences/exposure at each school's...
  8. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

  9. F

    State school vs. competitive private school

    Hi all, I am a senior this year and just got my college results back. I am currently choosing between two schools- University of Maryland (scholars program, also my state school) and Carnegie Mellon. Is it better to go to UMD and possibly get a higher GPA, or go to CMU and get a lower GPA, but...
  10. A

    Honest Evaluation of My Chances of Getting into Dental School...I implore you.

    I have wanted to become a dentist since I could remember how to think. I am, a female, 21, a junior in a good private college. Both of my parents are dentists in PA, pediatric and general. I have had my dental radiology health and safety certification since I was 17 and have worked at their...
  11. C

    CU Skaggs SOP vs. UM Baltimore

    Hi! I have been accepted to both CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy in Denver and University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore and could use some advice on choosing between the two. I will be an in state student for CU, but also receive in state tuition after the first year in Maryland, so...
  12. guerrero08


    Hi SDN friends, I have a couple questions and doubts about the application process, I just retook the DAT on January 4th, the first time I took the DAT, my scores were the following: OGPA: 3.1, SGPA:3.3 PAT:19, Q.R: 14, RC: 15, BIO: 17,G.C: 17, O.C: 20, T.S: 18, A.A: 17 The second time I...
  13. M

    Opinions wanted from University of Maryland medical students!

    Hello! I have been accepted to UMB. Being from MD, the in state tuition is seeming hard to turn down. However, I am wondering what it is like to be a student there? I have heard some rumors that it is very cut throat and the staff is not very attentive to the students. But I might be wrong! I...
  14. E

    Has anyone heard from Radford, Shenandoah, or the University of Maryland?

    Hi everyone! I've applied to several DPT programs for the class of 2021. I know that Radford will be holding interviews on November 15th and 16th, and Shenandoah's are scheduled for December 14th and 15th. Has anyone been invited yet? Also, I haven't heard anything whatsoever from the...
  15. F

    Dental Hygiene University of Maryland

    HI so I am looking for some information about the dental hygiene program at university of maryland it is a baccalaureate degree and wanted to know if anyone has gone to it and if you can tell me about the admission process specifically what happens after the application was submitted and how the...
  16. C

    Has anyone heard from Maryland since 1/20?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has received any acceptances, waitlists, or rejections from Maryland since 1/20. The school has been silent and a lot of post December interviewees (including myself) are waiting to hear back. The expected wait time according to admissions was said to be not set and...
  17. B

    Anyone heard back from University of Maryland recently?

    Hey guys! Has anyone heard back from University of Maryland recently? They usually send out acceptances on Fridays but I have not heard of anyone hearing back from them the past 2-3 weeks. I interviewed back in January and I am still waiting to hear back unfortunately:arghh: Thank you and any...
  18. B

    Should I be worried?

    So I had my interview at UMD two weeks ago and I know of two people that interviewed the same day as me already got in. I haven't heard back from them yet.... should I be worried? I thought my interview went extremely well and if anything it helped my application. Please let me know your...
  19. B

    How long does it take to hear back after a post-december interview?

    Hi guys! I recently just had my interview at the University of Maryland and was wondering if anyone from experience/if they know somehow how long it usually it takes to hear back from them after a post-December interview??? Thank you!
  20. B

    University of Maryland School of Dentistry Interview

    Hey guys! I have an interview coming up at University of Maryland School of Dentistry and had a couple questions for anyone who has interviewed there before. Does anyone remember any of the questions they were asked? Was the day (mainly the interview) stressful? Any tips you suggest for the day...
  21. B

    University of Maryland Physical Therapy

    Hi guys! So my girlfriend was just notified today that she was placed on the waitlist for University of Maryland School of Physical Therapy. She is in state, 3.98 GPA, average GRE scores, and is has a lot of shadowing experience and extracurriculars presented in her application (I know seems to...
  22. B

    University of Maryland Acceptance rate after interview?

    Hey guys! I received my interview from Maryland scheduled for January and I was wondering if anyone knew the acceptance rate for University of Maryland after having your interview? Im not sure how competitive it is for this school to receive an interview. Thank you!

    University of Maryland (In-State) vs UPenn (Dean's Scholarship)

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on SDN and I need help! There are plenty of posts out there like this one but none that are recent. Upon hearing back from schools yesterday morning, I'm left with an extremely tough choice. I am a Maryland resident and was lucky enough to receive acceptances...
  24. J

    University of Maryland - Baltimore Interview

    Hi! So I have an interview this week at the University of Maryland in Baltimore for the DPT program, and I was wondering if any one went to an interview there. I just want to know what the interview was like and what sort of questions were asked. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it!!
  25. O

    High school student wanting some advice pharmacy school! (sorry it's so long) (That's what she said)

    Hello, I'm currently going to be a senior this coming fall and I am interested in a career in pharmacy, but I have some questions. Firstly, is it better to go to an undergrad that has a pharmacy school? I was thinking on going to Hampton University for pre-pharmacy because I can get in with...
  26. A

    What undergraduate school should I go to?

    Hi, everyone! I was wondering what undergraduate school you think I should go to. I have narrowed it down to Rutgers or University of Maryland, however, I am the most indecisive person and like looking at multiple perspectives before making a decision. So I would love any thoughts you could...