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    University of Michigan vs Dartmouth / Geisel

    I am trying to decide which school to pick! Would appreciate any insight/help! Pros of Michigan: - Top school, loved my interview and the Admissions team - Love the curriculum and the culture of the institution (friendly, ready to help, seems like a big sense of community) - Midwest (change of...
  2. 2

    Help me pick a college for premed: Loyola vs UIUC vs UMichigan

    Hi everyone, I am interested in pursuing medicine as a career. As a high school senior, I am trying to pick a college for premed track. Which of these colleges will increase my likelihood in getting accepted into a medical school? -Loyola University, Chicago, IL -University of Illinois...
  3. medshousing

    Roommate South Detroit-UMichigan Ann Arbor share with a PGY2 has a One bed one bath rental

    As listed on Share a place with a PGY2 "I have a furnished two bedroom two bathroom apartment. You have your own bedroom/bathroom. I have rented the room out to med students before. I am a female PGY2. I like to keep the kitchen and living room clean! I have a washer/dryer...
  4. cam9382

    University of Michigan Physiology SMP Stats?

    Hey Guys! Was wondering if anyone here attended or recently applied to the Physiology Program at University of Michigan. I'm thinking of applying there next year for SMP before applying for MD/DO. Does anyone also have any stats on the linkage? Is it known for them to offer admission into...
  5. takeiiteasy

    Michigan (Dean's Scholarship: full tuition + covers 1 year dual degree) vs. OUWB (full-tuition scholarship)

    Hi everyone! Happy social distancing. I hope you're all well. I'm super bummed about second look cancellations as I was really hoping those would help me in the decision making process. Below is the current headspace I'm in. Please help out if you can! Michigan Pros - Full tuition + grant...
  6. O

    Getting into UofM AA Masters in Physiology and/or Chemical Cancer Biology

    I am graduating from Wayne State University in May with a cGPA of 3.57 and sGPA of 3.5. I am taking the MCAT in February. I was wondering what are the stats from those who applied and were accepted into UofM's M.S in Physiology? How selective of a program is it? Also, any feedback from those...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical University of Michigan Medical School Secondary Application Essay Tips [2019 – 2020]

    University of Michigan Medical School is ranked in the top ten schools for excellence in primary care. Given the school’s focus on self-directed learning and building on a strong science foundation, it will be important in your secondary essays to convey your level of self-awareness in meeting...
  8. k04kw02

    2019 University of Michigan Medical Student IR Symposium

    2019 University of Michigan Medical Student IR Symposium Saturday, April 6th, 2019, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Registration Link: 2019 Medical Student Symposium: Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  9. MessingAround

    Renting Room and Apartment to rent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ideal for Aways

    Hey I'm renting out an apartment and a room in a different apartment in Ann Arbor perfect for Students on vacation. I'm a PM&R resident at UoM and would be your roommate if you choose the room over the entire apartment. Always welcome to hang out with me and my fellow residents while here and no...
  10. D

    Poll: UNC vs University of Michigan vs UCSF?

    Hi all, I have been fortunate to have been accepted into UNC and University of Michigan. Both schools are out of state so tuition is both 40k/year for me. Both are very well known for pharmacy. If you were me, which school would you pick and why?
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical University of Michigan Medical School Secondary Application Essay Tips

    University of Michigan Medical School is ranked in the top ten schools for excellence in primary care. Given the school’s focus on self-directed learning and building on a strong science foundation, it will be important in your secondary essays to convey the level of your self-awareness in...
  12. sherer1

    What's the biggest mistake you've made on a secondary app?

    I'm super sleep deprived and I just submitted my University of Michigan secondary calling their school 'UMSOM'....THREE times.....I spent so much time trying to perfect it T.T how did I make such a stupid mistake?? Initially I used UMich but changed it last minute cause I thought that was too...
  13. sherer1

    UMICH students in the Academic Surgeon Development Program?

    Hello, IF by some miracle I get into UMich, I would be very interested in joining SCRUBS-ASDP. How does one go about joining research projects in the surgery department as an MS? Do you have any general advice?
  14. U

    University of Illinois Chicago VS University of Michigan

    Hi everyone, I’m currently confused and wanted to get some opinios about the situation I’m in. I have been accepted to The University of Illinois Chicago and The University of Michigan for the Pharm.D. program. I can’t pick between these two schools and wanted to hear everyone’s input on this...
  15. R

    MPH MPH Fall 2018 Deadlines: Rolling Admissions?

    Hello all. I'm new here. Forgive me if I say something stupid. So I am applying to MPH programs in the US (US citizen) and I have noticed a lot of schools, such as University of Michigan, have rolling deadlines after a priority deadline (often December 15 is priority, and March 1st is final)...
  16. L

    taking sociology prereq online

    hi everyone, I am a senior w/ one semester left in college and I won't be able to fit Intro to Sociology in. I really want to apply to Univ of Michigan. Does anyone know whether it would be acceptable to take an Intro to Sociology course online during my gap year?
  17. B

    Chance me: where to apply to dental school

    Looking for advice before applying in the upcoming cycle! I am a rising senior at University of Michigan Michigan resident AA DAT: 21 TS DAT: 20 PAT: 23 GPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.59 150+ hours dental shadowing 200+ hours hospital volunteering research in UM dental school dental mission trip was...
  18. B

    Post-bacc transfer to a better school? Is it worth it?

    Hi all. I got my BA in Journalism from Wayne State University (Detroit) in 2015 and have recently decided to go to medical school. I'm taking my first few post-bacc classes at Wayne State now, but I'm considering a move to the University of Michigan to finish them. U of M is a better...
  19. T

    C in Public Speaking

    This is my first post on SDN and I was unsure if it belonged in WAMC, please feel free to move it if there's somewhere it would feel more at home. I'm a sophomore in a US state school, with three semesters under my belt. I have a 3.32 overall GPA and haven't taken the MCAT yet. I just recently...
  20. C

    Chances of Dental School? Please read completely!

    Hi guys, So I'm currently in my senior year of undergrad and am planning on taking another year of classes to boost up my gpa. I will be taking my DAT fall of 2017 and taking classes through the summer up until I apply in June of 2018. I will be updating schools on my final grades if needed, as...
  21. M

    Need some advice on my situation - AA20 TS19 PA20

    So my situation is a little weird, and I'm not sure what I should do base on my DAT scores. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Humanities (AKA I was a football player). My GPA was poor (~2.6). After a few years of working in finance I went back and took the prereqs for dental school, and since...
  22. S

    UMich vs NYU

    Hey guys! I'm a HS senior trying to decide between University of Michigan and NYU, and am planning on doing the pre-med track. I've heard that UMich is generally superior for the sciences, but to be honest I'm personally leaning towards NYU for the city and overall atmosphere. I'm super...
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  24. philosoraptor92

    Thoughts on Michigan's new postbacc program – MEDPREP?

    I majored in the humanities at UM and graduated magna cum laude / Phi Beta Kappa in May of 2015 with a 3.9 GPA. Recently, I was accepted to Michigan's new postbacc pre-med program, MEDPREP. My decision to pursue a career in medicine came late in the current admissions cycle, so UM is the only...
  25. A

    Renting Ann Arbor/Univ of Michigan 2br/2bath apt avail mid March-

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are closing on a house so we need to find someone to sublet our apartment in Ann Arbor. About 2 miles from the University of Michigan campus, it's a great 2 bedroom 2 bathroom with a gas fireplace, your own washer/dryer, and a walk-out patio that faces a private...
  26. D

    U of Colorado vs U of Michigan School of Pharmacy

    Hello, I have recently been admitted to two amazing Pharmacy programs at Colorado and Michigan and I preferably want to make a decision before I put in the deposits. I was hoping to get some input from current students/graduates attending either of these two schools before I make my final...