university of pacific

  1. D

    Chances for UoP?

    I am currently a junior graduating a year early with a BA in Chemistry but not a CA resident I currently have a 3.64 cGPA and 3.58 sGPA and 3.53 BCP GPA First year GPA: 3.49 with 18 credit hours both semesters and 12 additional for the summer (48 hours) Second year GPA: 3.79 with 20 and 21...
  2. M

    Good bs/dds programs?

    Hi! I am a high school senior committed to pursuing a career in dentistry and I am looking for 6 Year (or 7 year) bs/dds programs to apply to. What would be some good, affordable options for me? I can afford to pay around 275k-325k maximum for my entire tuition. I have already considered Uop...
  3. DMikes

    Paging a current University of Pacific Dental Student...

    I've been creeping around the forums but haven't located one. If you attend Pacific could you shoot me a DM? Thank you!