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    UC Davis for pre-med vs small liberal arts school?

    I am a biology major who is interested in pre-med and wants to go to medical school. I am choosing between a small liberal arts school (University of Puget Sound) and UC Davis for undergrad, and I do not know which one can best prepare me for medical school. In high school I had a very strong...
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    University of Puget Sound DPT 2019

    Hi everyone just received my waitlist acceptance for UPS and was wondering if anyone has received an acceptance there that could share some info. Thanks, feel free to post your experiences here
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Occupational Therapy Stats/Suggestions

    Hey Guys! I'm currently a senior in college and I'm planning to apply to Occupational Therapy school in 2017 for the Fall 2018 cycle. I'm a little concerned about my prerequisite courses/GPA and hours. I'm extremely nervous/anxious because I know OT school is extremely difficult to get into...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's PU, ISU, EWU, Uni of Mary, U of PS Acceptances

    Has anyone heard back from any of these schools for the Summer/Fall 2016 term? I'm pretty sure most of them won't be replying until Feb/March, but I just wanted to start a dialogue with other possible students. Also, what are the GPAs of people who have applied to one or more of these programs...