university of south florida

  1. P

    Best Post Bacs in Florida?

    Was wondering if anyone had any insights on Post Bacs in Florida? Like which are the best and if any have some kind of linkages etc. Haven't found a ton of info here on Florida, I might be missing a thread somewhere but feel free to redirect me, super new here. Thanks! According to AAMC these...
  2. Gdelgado7155

    Which pharmacy school is better for residency purposes?

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to PBA, LECOM, and USF. I just wanted someone to shed some light on which program would be better for residency and being matched. Also pros and cons of each school. Any feedback would be great!
  3. SeaAndStars

    What major is right for me?

    Hi! I'm new to sdn so bear with me! :) I am a high school senior at the moment, and I am planning on attending Univeristy of South Florida in Tampa as a pre-med. They have a specific major there that includes all the basic pre-med courses called Biomedical Sciences that I plan on enrolling in...
  4. H

    what are my chances? Should I retake my GRE?

    Hey! I'm currently in the process of applying to a lot of schools: Baylor, Miami (my undergrad), Duke, Belmont, USF, UCF, UF. I took my GRE today and wasn't pleased with my scores. I got a 159V and 155Q. I know I could have done a lot better on the quantitative portion I just got really nervous...