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  1. Fz94

    University of Sydney CVM 2024 vs WesternU

    Hi All! Hi hope everyone has been keeping well. I am a California native, and this is my second time applying to vet school. I interviewed at KSU, WesternU, have an interview lined up at University of Illinois, and have been put on waitlist for University of Florida interview. I also got...
  2. C

    WAMC??? 1st time Applicant! Excited yet nervous!

    Hey guys! This is my first time posting! I just submitted application and I'm super anxious to hear back! Thanks for reading and any comments. 19 y/o female, Florida resident Applying to: UF, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Colorado State, Ross, Cornell, LMU, Mississippi...
  3. YCAGA

    Australian medical schools seem blatantly predatory towards North American students...am I missing something?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this post does not come across the wrong way. I come from a place of wanting to understand and possibly inform other North American premeds looking into Australian medical schools. I started looking into Australian medical schools for the same reasons many North Americans...
  4. S

    University of Sydney Veterinary School- International Student

    Hey everyone! So I was just accepted into University of Sydneys vet school program(DVM) as an international student in the states. I was shocked that they are only giving me a week to accept and pay the full first semester tuition. I am obviously in a time crunch, and the other schools in the...
  5. H

    Usyd 2018 md program

    Hello, I am a Taiwanese. I just wanna check if there are international students are applying for the 2018 MD program in Usyd and get the interview invitation. I am also looking for someone who can practice the MMI together, let me know if u are interested. It will be appreciated if someone may...
  6. W

    Is it worth the risk? Should I do it? Dentistry decision help

    Hey guys I am in a dilemma here as to whether or not I should attend the university of Sydney dental school next year. Any advice given will be greatly appreciated so please just throw in ur $0.02. I am certain that without a doubt I want to be a dentist (many hours on shadowing, uncle is a...
  7. 7

    Transfer Between Med Schools (to USyd in particular)

  8. 36MD

    University of Sydney 2017 MD

    Hey everyone! Was anyone here interviewed for the 2016 class given admission into the 2017 class? I'm checking to see if you've received any correspondence from USyd and were you given certain deadlines to meet? Also, anyone know of bursaries/scholarships available to Canadian students hoping to...
  9. T

    USyd and UQ MCAT

    Hi all, My friend and I are applying to both University of Sydney and University of Queensland MD. We're from Canada, and we roughly have the same GPA (3.5). She has a 31 MCAT (and fulfills the minimums on every section) and I have a 508. Is it possible for us to get interviews with these...