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  1. R

    MPH MPH Fall 2018 Deadlines: Rolling Admissions?

    Hello all. I'm new here. Forgive me if I say something stupid. So I am applying to MPH programs in the US (US citizen) and I have noticed a lot of schools, such as University of Michigan, have rolling deadlines after a priority deadline (often December 15 is priority, and March 1st is final)...
  2. MedSchoolDreamzzz

    Need Advice and Guidance!!!

    Hello, Im a Freshman college student currently attending Austin Community College in Austin Texas! I'm Currently enrolled as a general studies major since community college's only have two year programs. Im really looking forward into Transferring to University of Texas at Austin next summer! Im...
  3. V

    Does anyone attend UT Pharmacy?

    I'm looking to apply to the University of Texas at Austin Pharmacy school. The only problem I have is finding a place to live that won't destroy my bank. Hopefully, somewhere that is safe and where I may take the bus to campus (I heard taking the bus is cheaper if you're going to live farther...
  4. M

    ** Univeristy Of Texas COP 2021**

    Couldn't find a thread yet for the application this year for UT Austin! I submitted for early decision and wanted to see if anyone else is on here who did the same!
  5. L

    What are my chances? (statistics)

    So I'm applying this fall to three Pharmacy schools: University of Texas, Texas Tech, and University of Houston and am super nervous about getting in because of a few factors that I am very embarrassed to have. My first choice school is UT austin but I am afraid I am not going to get in because...