western university of health sciences

  1. monti12

    ASDOH vs. Western

    Hello, I was accepted into two schools (ASDOH in AZ and Western in CA) and have done extensive research and still cannot decide where to go. I visited ASDOH in person and loved everything about the program (especially the 4th year externship) but I know I would have a really hard time in that...
  2. P

    Western U Repeated Form

    Hey guys! I was going through the checklist Western U has for their application and it mentioned a repeated coursework form. Does anyone know where to access that?
  3. H

    Western University DPT class of 2024 - Pomona

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  4. Fz94

    University of Sydney CVM 2024 vs WesternU

    Hi All! Hi hope everyone has been keeping well. I am a California native, and this is my second time applying to vet school. I interviewed at KSU, WesternU, have an interview lined up at University of Illinois, and have been put on waitlist for University of Florida interview. I also got...
  5. J

    Advice needed for SMP or Postbacc (Stats provided below)

    Hi Guys, First time posting here but I've been reading this site for some time now. I am currently applying to SMPs and Postbaccs for Fall 2020 and I am not sure at all which programs are the best fit for me. Ultimately, I'd like to join an SMP/Postbacc with a linkage to their DO/MD school...
  6. W

    Western University Health of Sciences in California - current students / prospective students?

    Hi everyone, I am currently applying to mainly California pharmacy schools this cycle. Western U is my top choice as of right now. I was just wondering if anyone knows what they mainly look at (GPA, community service, extracurricular, personal statement, etc)? Is it worth to apply as an early...
  7. K

    WesternU (Pomona) commuting current/future students

    so I noticed the lack of a Facebook group and also of any posts/threads for Pod WesternU students that commute to school. I’m an incoming 1st year (yay class of 2023) and I’m looking for advice/options/guidance on how people go about organizing carpools, if there is a website or page already for...
  8. P

    Western University MSBS 2019-2021

    Hello Friends! Anyone else applying to the MSBS program??? Not the MSMS program... but the msBS program!
  9. Speck_90


    Hey everybody! Is anyone here in these programs and could help me out with some information about the application process? Thank you guys in advance and wish y'all a pleasent day
  10. J

    Western U Interview

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone can give some insight into how the interview for Western U was? I know it is different for everyone but any information about what questions were asked, essay question, and how the interview structure /day was like would be extremely helpful!! Any tips and...
  11. VeritasVitamEst

    LUCOM vs. Western U (COMP-NW)

    Hello all. Trying to make a decision between the two schools and would love some community input Background: I'm a non-trad student; married and expecting our first child. (I'll leave stats since people might find it helpful). Undergrad: Classical Liberal Arts and Culture (3.36) Post-Bacc...
  12. K

    western university interview day

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the interview day at western consisted of and how long? Will it just be the interview or an essay is also included?
  13. 9

    Rocky Vista UT vs Western U Lebanon

    Hello SDN. I am in the lucky and blessed position to have acceptances at both of these schools. I have various reasons for liking each, and I feel that this is the choice between two good options. Just want to see what others might have to chip in about my decision. (+pro, -con) Rocky Vista...
  14. B

    Western U optometry interview!!

    Hi everyone, I have an interview with Western U this Friday and was wondering if anyone has any advice for me? If you interviewed here do you remember any questions that were asked and tips on how I could prepare? What was the day like? I would really appreciate your feedback! Thanks :)
  15. DrJohnStangel

    Midwestern AZCOM vs. WesternU Northwest

    Hey guys, I recently was accepted to both Midwestern (Glendale) and WesternU (Lebanon). I've been trying to weigh my options and decide between the two and thought I would start a comparison thread. Please feel free to contribute your input! :) Midwestern AZCOM: Location: Suburban (Glendale...
  16. lilsebastian18

    Uploading Research Files to Secondary App

    So one of my secondary apps (Western - Pomona Campus), asks about research experience and has a place to upload files. Does anyone have any advice on what to upload? I have a number of publications and poster presentations (2 with me as the presenter, and 4 as a second author on the poster)...
  17. DoctorLane

    Anyone Interview at: Western, AZPOD or BARRY? (Or ALL)

    Curious about interview experiences at Western and AZPOD the most, but just wondering about Barry and even Kent, as well. Have spent considerable time in all of these relative locations, so I'm familiar with the geography, but in terms of Campus, student body, program, faculty, resources and...
  18. DoctorLane

    Please Rate : Western vs Midwestern vs Kent vs Barry vs DMU

    Rank based on experiences with these programs (i.e., interview, etc.) Program Professionalism: (1-10) Location: (1-10) Cost of living: (1-10) Quality of life: (1-10) Student body/staff: (1-10) GO!
  19. R

    Western University of Health Sciences Pharmacy Program

    Hello, I recently got an acceptance letter for the PharmD program from Western University in Pomona. Are there any current students or alumni that can give me the pros and cons of attending this university? I live in NorCal and would like to know how the student life is before making a big...
  20. stonefawkes

    "Special Masters" vs. "Masters" in LORs

    Hi, wanted to get some input: I am planning on applying to Western U's MSMS program which is a 1-year deal. I have LORs on Interfolio from the last few years in two versions from each letter writer--one that uses the term "special masters program" and the other the uses "postbac program" when...
  21. vs_95

    2017-2018 Western U of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Lebanon

    Prompts 1. Have you participated in research? If yes, why was this research experience valuable to you? 2. Do you have teaching experience? If yes, why was this teaching experience valuable to you? 3. While shadowing a physician, what did the experience do to solidify your desire/ambition to...
  22. M

    WesternU MSMS 2018/2019

    Anyone applying this year?
  23. F

    Foreign Pharmacy Fresh Graduate

    Hi, I just graduated from a four year pharmacy program in another country, and my goal is to become a licensed pharmacist in the U.S.. I was planning on taking the FPGEE exam, but a site says I'm not qualified to take it since I graduated after 2003. So I think the only option for me right now...
  24. N


    I was wondering if anyone had any input to help me make a decision between COMP-NW in Lebanon, OR and LECOM-Seton Hill in Greensburg, PA. Originally, COMP-NW was my first choice because I'm from Washington state and it would be nice to stay in the Pacific Northwest, but I was put on the...
  25. Fecal_Occult

    English AP Credit for Western U

    Hi, I took AP Lit in high school and my college, UCLA, counts this as credit for a course titled English Comp 3 which is worth 5 quarter units. Does anyone know if this would contribute to the college english requirement for Western U. I'm not sure if credit for this course would appear on my...
  26. H

    WesternU Pharmacy Dec 10 Interview Decision

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody interviewed with Western University on December 10th and have heard back from them? I remember they said it will take approximately 2 weeks due to the holidays, but its been 3 weeks already. I am a bit worried. Thanks.
  27. A

    What do you like about your dental school?

    Early clinical exposure, reputable curriculum, etc. all sounds nice, but don't all dental schools these days offer this? They all sound similar to me. I'm looking for major differences in methodology/teaching, but it's difficult to find that info on schools' websites alone. Can any current...
  28. D

    My OAT Scores and My Chances

    Hello Everyone, So I just wrote my OAT and I’m wondering if I could get your opinion on my chances. Keep in mind that I am a Canadian student with a GPA of 3.13 (there is a strong upward trend). I haven’t had a lot of shadowing time at an optometrist office but I plan to get at least 30 by...
  29. D

    Medical School blog: Osteopathic route

    When I first began thinking about applying to medical school I did not think I was interested in going the osteopathic route at all. I was sent on becoming an MD. However, I decided to shadow a D.O. anyways and fell in love with the osteopathic mindset. I then applied to D.O. schools and am now...