women in medicine

  1. G

    Research on Sexism in Medical School

    Hi MDs! I could really use your help with my research on sexist microaggressions in medical school. As I'm sure you're all aware, sexism is prominent in the medical community, yet little research has been done at the level of medical students. I noticed subtle acts of sexism during my...
  2. S

    Pregnancy planning in fellowship

    Hi all! I’m a third year FM resident doing a one year surgical OB fellowship next year. I am getting older and my husband and I want multiple kids (probably 3+). I’ll be 30-31 during fellowship year. The fellowship schedule is strenuous (q2 home call for c-sections, one 30 hour call monthly, one...
  3. E

    EM Residency Match - How ask about pregnancy support?

    I have gone on 13/15 interviews and am still unable to ascertain how family/pregnancy friendly residency programs are. I am not planning on starting my family until after residency, but I want to know I will be supported if “life finds a way.” Some programs have policies for third trimester and...
  4. SummertimeHappiness

    Women Interview Attire - Bags!

    Hello all! I have been struggling so hard to find the perfect interview bag. During my med school interviews, I carried around a heavy leather Tumi bag that became really cumbersome during the tour portion of the interview (especially if it was hot outside, bleh). I vowed not to do this for my...
  5. P

    Is there a list of residency programs/hospitals with great maternity leave benefits?

    I'm looking at this stuff very far in advance, but having a family is so important to me, so I'd like to have some sort of idea where the female-friendly programs are. If there is a list somewhere, can you please link it? If not, any ideas yourself?
  6. F

    Calling all mommsssss

    Hi! I’m interested in gastroenterology but also having a family is a huge priority for me. In terms of flexible specialities for mom-to-bes, I’ve heard good things about peds, IM, FM, psych, rad and even ER but not much about gastro so would love to hear any opinions! Thanks!
  7. S

    Orthopedic Surgery & women

    I am very much interested in becoming a surgeon of some sort. I am fascinated with orthopedics, organs transplants, and sports medicine. That being said, I am a female, and am always told it's "much different" for women- most don't make it, it's too hard, etc. I understand that women want to...
  8. aspiringMD585

    How come OBGYN isn't receiving any love?

    Hello, I don't understand why everyone looks down on being and OBGYN, where is all of this animosity coming from? For example, I've been interested in becoming an OBGYN ever since I was a child and throughout the years whenever I would tell people that I want to be an OB, the remarks are just...
  9. OrthoTraumaMD

    ortho attending AMA

    Hi SDNers, I have some free time and so am happy to answer any questions you may have about the myths and realities of orthopaedics, resident life, and general questions. Just avoid the "what are my chances with score X" questions-- so many better posts and options on this site for that...
  10. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...