1 month to go - score improvement?

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Dec 20, 2005
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So with about 4 weeks to go my score is fluctuating between high 20's and low 30's...does anyone have any encouraging stories on how they improved their score about 4-6 points over a month? How did you spend the last month studying: going over notes? reading the books over? or tests and questions?

Can I expect to make a jump if I spent 8 hrs a day in the library studying for this thing for 3.5 weeks?

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i took the mcat last august 2006 and scored low (26) because i did some stupid things. i was breaking 30 on practice tests back then but only twice in the low 30's. Now im taking kaplans and aamc's and took the 4r, 5r and 6r, i got 31, 33, and a 37 today on the 6r. i attribute it to working more on critical thinking and reasoning.
I have only taken 3 test so far (kaplan, 3R and 5R, 22, 29, 28 respectivly) but reviewing the questions i got wrong revield the same things everytime. I wasnt reading the question correctly, missed a piece of information, and the one that has cost me the most points - not having memorized any equations yet. I got 10 on verbal and 11 on bio in 5R, so i just need to buckle down and get those equations.

I bet knowing the formulas up and down will improve scores a few points, as it cost me at least 10 questions in the ps section.