1 Year English Requirements

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Jun 1, 2009
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I'm formally graduating this May, looking to re-apply this cycle while waiting on Columbia. I've been researching some schools and a frightening number of them have 1 year English requirements!

Some of the let you swap them for humanities or any writing intensive courses, but some don't say anything about it.... I've taken 1 semester of 400 level English Lit (A-), and lots of 300+ level writing intensive philosophy/ethics courses. It would suck to have to go back and take ENGL 101 or something when the lowest grade I've gotten on all of my higher level philosophy classes is A- (so my writing is obviously not horrible).

I was also considering asking my English prof for a letter of recommendation. Would that help in this regard? (Already have one from a philosophy prof)

Anyone know how common it is to allow exceptions/switches for the English requirement? Also, any suggestions on schools that don't have the 1 year of English requirement?


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I'd contact the schools you're interested in and ask them about it. I doubt it would be a problem if the courses are marked as writing intensive (like they are at my school), but I'm not an adcom so I can't tell you for sure.
My university has no "writing-intensive" designation, but damn, it would suck if i couldn't get anything for all those upper level humanities courses that had multiple major papers, discussions, in-class responses, AND finals.