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    In the follow article, I've include 10 MCAT CARS tips that could potentially steer you in the right direction. Learning how to approach CARS section correctly can help you improve dramatically. It's important to have a good MCAT CARS strategy.

    Feel free to add to these tips by posting below!

    MCAT CARS TIPS: 10 points that have helped my students

    MCAT CARS TIPS #1: Start preparing for this section as soon as possible.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #2: Read everyday.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #3: Write everyday.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #4: Notecard new vocabulary words everyday and test yourself weekly.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #5: Practice MCAT CARS passages under timed conditions.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #6: Anyone can improve on this section, even if English wasn’t your first language.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #7: You have to study for the MCAT CARS section even if you feel confident in your reading comprehension abilities.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #8: Practice is not enough to improve.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #9: Find a strategy that you like and stick to it.

    MCAT CARS TIPS #10: Don’t give up.

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