So you guys think this will help me get into schools at all. Its recient and a correlation of work from senior year of UG and my 2 years of a masters degree. Its in the molecular genetics of Von hippel lindau disease. Hopefully with my strong GPA's if i dont kill the mcat it will help me out. I also plan on being a DO which is involved in research, and academics, as well as clinical practice



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Apr 24, 2002
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There are many DO schools who are trying to expand their research capabilities so I do not see any reason why the research won't "help" you. Shows interest in medicine and understanding pathogenesis of disease. :)

Sir Toalie

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Feb 10, 2006
most likely, as a result of being first author of a research publication, you will be rejected from all DO schools and probably even blacklisted so that you'd be unable to attend any medical school ever again. if invited for an interview, you might be walking into a trap, as you will likely be killed by anti-research DOs.

It can only help you... obviously. Just make sure you explain why you enjoyed that particular research and how it ties in your future plans / reasons for going into medicine.
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