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    I will be beginning my post-bacc science requirements in the fall at the University of Central Florida (I have a BA in political science from there). I went today for an advisement appointment and I am currently admitted as a second-bacc student in the Microbiology department. I am trying to raise my GPA (alot) and also satisfy the Science Requirements for medical school.

    The problem I have ran into is that as a previous political science major, I do NOT even have the basic pre-reqs for upper level bio/chem courses. I am currently registered for bio I and chem I , but I know I need a full-time load of courses to show im competitive. I am not sure what else to take? My advisor gave me a list of "electives" i could take now and they would help raise my gpa and give me full-time status. Is this a good idea? I dont really like the idea of taking any courses that are not upper level science courses. These "electives" she is recommending are basically easy "a" courses (junior/senior level) in psychology and/or health. Some of these "electives" are also web-based and I hear that taking web-based courses would also look bad. Granted taking them will improve my undergraduate GPA, but do you think medical schools will frown on this? If I do NOT take them, what else should I do, since I dont yet meet the pre-reqs for all other upper level science courses?

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
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