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Jun 12, 2014
I have attempted 250 units. I will be graduating with a major in Philosophy and a B.S in Biology.

Currently, my sGPA is 2.46 and cGPA is 2.92.

Made many stupid mistakes like taking too many classes in a single semester, not knowing how to drop a class the first 2 semesters of college and just stopped showing up for some classes, and just not taking college seriously for the first few semesters. I am doing better now as a student, passing upper-division science courses like Immunology, Medical Microbio, and Hematology with A's and B's.

I plan on taking one or two more semesters, probably for a total of about 20-25 units of science classes. But If I can manage all As next semester I am willing to continue taking science courses to boost the sGPA.

If I hypothetically get all As for these next ~20 or so units, I can get my cGPA to a 3.0. sGPA would need about 46 units to get to 2.8

Would I have a chance of Podiatry school if I somehow manage to get my cGPA up to 3.0 and sGPA up to around 2.7? I know I wouldn't be competitive but would there be a realistic chance of getting in if I put more effort, time, and money working on my GPA?


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Jun 12, 2011
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That’s what’s nice about Podiatry, gives people a chance at being a doctor when all other doors have closed. Much safer than Caribbean.

With your GPA and story:

490 MCAT= prolly no luck with any schools, but might be worth throwing out an app. I’ve personally met someone accepted to a “big school” with a 487.

493= Big schools will prolly interview you, see what your made out of and if you can connect with the profession. The rest is up to you

500+= I can see an acceptance at big schools with some smaller programs maybe thinking about interviewing. The higher the better.

I would also have a backup like nursing or other field entirely if things go south. With your GPA though, most professions are out of reach. Maybe Pharmacy? But I’d do Pod before Pharm.
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Dec 25, 2016
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Since this was posted in four different forums, and the med thread received the most responses, I'm going to direct all other input there.

If you would like to give OP your thoughts on their situation and their "chances" at Dent, Pod, Pharm, Opt, or Med school, post there.
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