2.945 cGpa, 2.6ishsGPA, what should be my next move? DIY-PB, Formal PB, SMP, or Second Bachelors?

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Jan 9, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I know many of you have probably answered this question so many times, so I apologize if its an inconvenience, but I couldn't find a solution to my situation anywhere so I thought it would just be best for me to ask directly.

so my situation is:

I just recently graduated with my BS in molecular biology with a 2.945 cgpa, I had planned to take a forml postbacc per the UC postbacc consortium in my home state (CA) but was told that I couldn't be considered because my sgpa was below a 2.7 (which I was unaware because when I did the calculations it was above it),so that totally threw off my plans to improve my gpa.

A little background about myself, I took all my lower division courses at my local community college (Cerritos) where I got:

Gen Chem 1: C
Gen Chem 2: B
Ochem 1: B
Ochem 2: B
BIOL 200: B
BIOL 201: C
Calc 1: B
Calc 2: C

I then transferred to CSULB where I completed my upper division courses and got:
Biostats w/ Lab: C
Molecular BIo: B
Genetics w/ Lab: B
Evolutionary Bio: C
Immunology: B
Biochem 1: B
Biochem 2: B
Pharmacology: C
Developmental Bio: B

I have about 2 Years worth of paid research
No clinicals at the moment but I am in the process of applying for volunteering, shadowing and scribe positions

I understand my stats are low (pitiful even), I did really bad in school for some time, without going to deep into my background, I was a C average student coming out of high school, and it took me a while to break out of that mindset and truly understand what I was passionate about and what it was going to take to reach it. However, even upon discovering it, I still had a tough time adjusting but I never gave up. My trend was truly upward, but just wasn't upward enough to get me a good enough GPA. So here I am, just graduated with a 2.945 gpa, and I don't know exactly what my next steps should or could be. Should I go back to CSULB (either non-seeking degree or chemistry) and do a DIY-postbacc and take upper division science classes to raise my gpa up, or do this at my community college (though I don't see much benefit in this route), should I reapply for a formal postbacc somewhere else (with my stats)? Should I apply for an SMP? or should I just study my ass off for the MCAT (I have no obligations so I can commit a great amount of time towards studying), get my EC's up, and then apply once I've obtained a good amount of EC's, obtained a great MCAT score (hypothetically)?

To be honest, the last option I really don't want to do, I would love to go back and reinvent myself, I really want to prove to the medical schools that I am dedicated to, capable, and passionate about becoming a doctor. If possible, I would love to pursue a second bachelors (non-degree or chem) and do a DIY at CSULB starting spring 2021, prior to that I wanted to studying for the MCAT this August, study my butt off until January and take it on January 17th 2021. Then once done with the MCAT (under the condition that I do really well) I can just focus on my DIY studies, then apply to medical school once I've obtained the GPA that will atleast get me a foot in the door.

I'm open to applying to DO be it local or out of state, and MD schools as well (even if its a farshot).

Any advice would be helpful and appreciated

Thank You,

Richard Hargrove


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Sep 15, 2012
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You could do a DIY post bacc at a local college and take enough undergraduate level science courses to raise your cGPA and sGPA to 3.0 . You should be able to receive interviews at DO schools when you reach that GPA provided your MCAT score is at least 505 .
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Apr 12, 2018
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Seconding Faha. SMPs are high risk high reward. Many don't accept people with GPAs less than 3.0. If you're gunning for the MD, an SMP might be in your future at some point...but first go for the low-to-medium risk medium reward DIY postbacc. See if you can hack it first without betting big on an SMP. If you can? Take the MCAT, get the volunteering hours you need, and see how it shakes out. If you get rejected, you might go for the SMP and Round 2.

Good luck!
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