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Jul 17, 2011
I would love it if I could get some advice on what to do for the last two weeks before my Sept 23rd MCAT. I've completely gone through the EK set, and am finishing up on the Kaplan set as well.

Here are my scores so far:

Kaplan FL 1: 500 (125/ 127/ 126/ 122)
Kaplan FL 2: 499 (125/125/126/123)
Kaplan FL 3: 505 (126/127/127/125)

TPR FL 1: 496 (123/123/124/126) -- really off day for me, was falling asleep and whatnot.
TPR FL 2: 504 (124/ 127/ 126/ 127)

AAMC Fl: CP 97%, CARS 91%, Bio 85%, P/S: 86% (taken this past weekend)

My current plan is to take another 4 FLs before the 23rd. One on every Saturday and one on Wednesday.
I am also planning on doing the 4 question packs and the official guide 120 questions as well. Is there anything else I should be doing? Am I on track for scoring high on the MCAT? Any guidance would be really appreciated.


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Dec 24, 2014
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Your study plan sounds good and is pretty much what I did leading up to the test. Make sure to take the day/day and a half off before the test so you will face the test refreshed and not worried about everything you don't know, but instead confident about everything you do know.

520 seems a bit of a stretch based on your practice scores but anything is possible if you believe! I feel like its impossible to predict past 515+ My highest TPR was 506 and highest Kaplan 505 (before they adjusted the scores), and my actual score was 520. However, I never scored below 503 on any TPR or Kaplan test.


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May 5, 2015
Past a certain point nobody can say with any confidence whatsoever how you will perform on the MCAT. Your AAMC scores are indicative of someone who has a good chance at 513+, that's about the most that can be said here.

Beyond that, nobody can say. There is no good predictor for a 520+ score which makes sense because, well, its really hard to get those scores. I know it's not what you want to hear but at this point the best thing you can do is do some FL's. I would recommend EK and Next Step. The problem with doing Full Lengths so late(which many people on this site don't seem to realize) is there no real time or opportunity to learn from those mistakes. Your mistakes represent your potential gains but by doing FL's so close to exam day there's no real chance to really learn from the areas of your mistakes and improve off of them. That said, I would still recommend doing several good FL's as they are good practice and help really get you focused and ready for the actual exam(stick with EK ditch Kaplan and Princeton Review) and all the remaining AAMC material. For more CARs practice, old AAMC exams are very good resources.

All in all you look fine. Check to see if there are any real gaps in your Bio and Biochem content knowledge. Other than that, there's no real way to make significant gains the next two weeks you'll just have to see how it goes on test day.