2 year non-research gap year job advice?

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Sep 3, 2012
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I'm not sure if I'm the typical "non-traditional" student.. I just graduated undergrad this past spring and have spent the summer studying for the MCAT I just took. I'm planning to apply for MD next year so I'll have 2 years before starting med school where I'd like to work full time and volunteer.

I'm curious with what other people did during their gap year since 2 years isn't long enough for a "career" or anything.

I'm not interested in working in research/or in a lab because I've tried that before in school and did not enjoy it and also my major is in public health so I don't really have a strong science background for the work.

I know I can't be picky at this point about jobs but I'd like to do something I enjoy and hopefully somewhat in the health sector. I'd like to work in non-profits but many are volunteer positions (and I need the money) and a lot are just administrative jobs that won't really give me new experience.

I guess I don't have much clinical experience either.. I've shadowed before and helped with clinical research but it was mostly data entry which I didn't enjoy.

Just kind of curious if anyone else out there only took a few years break between undergrad and med school and wondering what they did during that time? Something non-research is helpful. Thanks!

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Dec 1, 2011
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Teach for america

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