Some schools are asking for parent/student 2001 Income Tax Returns so that they can determine financial aid. Are these the income tax returns that were completed last April (ie April 2001) or the ones that will be complete this month (April 2002)?

I asked my dad and he said he won't send anything to any schools until he finishes his taxes this year but I got a note from a school saying they need my and my parent's tax returns before they can give me a financial aid decision. Thanks for any help.


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Jul 22, 2001
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2001 tax returns are the returns due on April 15 of 2002. It is a summary of your earnings for 2001 so it can't be tabulated until 2001 is over. The schools want those returns as soon as possible, but your dad is right to wait to send anything until he has this set of returns completed.


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Apr 20, 2001
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Sugar is right, but remember, the information is required for the schools to receive government money to finance your schooling. If you are competitive for any type of scholarship money through your school, you cannot be considered until the office has your forms. Also, the office cannot order any $$$ for you until they have your forms.
If your paperwork is not completed by July, look to buy all of your equipment and books/supplies with cash, becuase the chances of your loans being ready before school are not good. Really try and work with your FAO and your father to get things in on time.

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