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Jan 5, 2008
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hi guys, I applied 3 MPH programs for spring 2009, and 10 for fall 2009. The reason I did this is that I am currently doing a research project which will finish in Feb 2009. I hope I could continue my study if I could get in program start in spring 2009, if not, fall 2009 it's ok too.

My questions are
1. not every school of public health have spring program, so is there any difference between spring program and fall program, I mean the acceptance rate, financial aid opportunities?

2. two of the three asked for a phone interview already.I am wondering if I could get admission of these three, can I say there is pretty much the same chance that i could get in the fall program I applied.

I am an international student. I have no idea about how the schools' admission office works. But I get the feelings that there are still open seats. anyone have been in spring programs? any suggestions are appreciate.:idea: thanks!
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