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Apr 29, 2014
To those taking the 2015 MCAT:

First off, the new test will probably not be as terrible as your imagination may make it out to be! Different is normally observed with a dose of hesitance, anxiety, and all other sorts of discomfort that's created by fear of the unknown. And within the context of that mouthful of a sentence and of the new MCAT, it's important to ask yourself if what you're studying for this updated test is a smart use of your time. It is indisputable, however, that taking the AAMC's 2015 MCAT practice test (PT) should be a requirement for your prep, and with only one official AAMC PT it would behoove yourself to take every single measure to make sure your review of that test is optimal. And here's something that will help you do just that:

These videos (found in the link above) will help you with your review of the AAMC's lone 2015 MCAT PT. I won't repeat the qualifications of the two gents who made the videos, Bryan and Doc Lafond, but I'll simply tell you that these men are worth listening to.

The videos are free! Use them at your discretion, and good luck!!