May 23, 2015
Hey Everyone,

I took my exam the other day and I just wanted to say a few things. This exam consumed my life for the better part of two months, it feels incredible to have it behind me. Although I didn't do particularly well in the RC, I'm pretty happy with my scores and hope they end up working in my favor. I used sdn throughout this time for reassurance and guidance, and would like to pay it forward by writing a breakdown.

I started off browsing sdn to get an idea of how I should structure my study plan. It was clear what the favorites were. Like many others I used chad's videos, DAT Bootcamp, DAT Destroyer, QVault for biology, AP Cliffs Biology, and Feralis biology notes.

Watch chad for your foundation, gain a further understanding of important topics with DAT destroyer, test yourself with Bootcamp (gain even further understanding of important topics), and repeat. In between these three vital resources, I used the others to fill in the gaps.

I was very unsure about this section, I'm not a science major and my scores were incredibly inconsistent throughout Bootcamp and Qvault tests. The real test covers such a vast amount of information, which is bitter sweet to be honest. I would have never guessed that this would have been one of my best sections, but the questions I got were straight forward facts.

General Chem:
Its funny, I studied for this section the most because I wasn't confident in my performance based off of the Destroyer general chemistry. I took Chads quizzes over and over, but these skills never translated to the Destroyer! I'm a huge fan of the Destroyer and all of its components, but I will say that for this section, it goes way above and beyond (at least in my situation). However, I did pick up some conceptual information along the way. I really don't even remember this section that well, some basic calculations that you can learn from chads videos and quizzes and a fair amount of conceptual questions. I went through the Destroyer General Chem twice and chads quizzes several times.

Organic Chem:
Destroyer and Chad's together are fantastic for this section. I went through Destroyer Organic twice and chads quizzes about three times. Seemed to focus on Organic I more so than Organic II.

Crack DAT PAT and Bootcamp. I would say that the keyholes were a perfect intermediate between BC and CDP. There are some funky looking, crystal-like amorphic globs that I had to deal with! TFE was also a nice mix of both, I liked BC because you can actually see the object and move it around. Angles were, and have always been a huge toss up for me. no comment. The Key hole section was my bread and butter, I used the grid strategy, also a good mix of BC and CDP. Cube counting was more similar to BC. Pattern folding was easier than both BC and CDP (surprising, I know).

Reading Comprehension:
Contrary to what many say, this section IS like BC. Although the articles are not as long, Ari asks the questions in a very similar manner and look. Definitely use BC for this section if you have the time. I convinced myself that the RC was something that you cannot work on and that nothing out there could prepare me. Wrong. Find out what works best for you, and stick with it.

This section was much easier than I expected. I used Math Destroyer 16 test version. I went through all of the test once, mostly untimed. I found the regular Desotery to be extremely helpful as well ( the more realistic/important types of questions you will see). I hadn't heard much about Chads math section, but ended up going through all of his QR quizzes once. This was extremely helpful to say the least. The difficulty of these quizzes was comparable to the difficulty of my exam (if not harder). It was nice to get a series of questions regarding the same topic, something that you really dont see in the Math Destroyer because its made for times practice testing.

Its extremely assuring to see so many others who are interested in dentistry help one another out by sharing their experiences, both good and bad. I thank everyone on this network for their input, out of all the resources that I listed, sdn has been my greatest resource of all. Best of luck to everyone just starting their journey!


PAT: 23


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Sep 15, 2014
Great scores! Congratulations! Taking mine September 15th. This breakdown helped me! Appreciate it!
May 23, 2015
I used Qvault later on, but I would consistently get anywhere from 19-22 and a 16 on test 10 a few weeks before my test, thats when I started reading cliffs. For BC my first attempts were for biology were consistently around 18 and 19, but I did get a 17 on the second test. I took these subject sections so often, that by the end of my studying I would get 25-30s. I would say the key to this section is doing practice problems, from cliffs, qvault destroyer, bc. The latter two were my favorite because they give you answers which practically teach you everything you need to know about that topic. I wouldn't say Qvault was really worth it. Dat Destroyer was a huge help, It added more specific details on my already basic foundation.

Word to the wise, I really dont believe in making note of your first failures. I think this can be harmful to your psyche. I didn't take a diagnostic, why test yourself in something as specific as the dat, its not like when you take the real test you'll be that cold in any subject. When it comes to starting your studies, I say just dive right into chads videos.

At the end of the day, just make sure you understand the questions you got wrong, no matter how many times it takes you ( particularly for conceptual chemistry, biology you can kind of get away with having your weak areas).

Pace yourself with your study plan, do a little but of everything, everyday. Consistency is key, stay active and you'll do fine!
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