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Dec 2, 2014
Have any current PGY-5's experienced getting their job offers pulled or interviews cancelled after the new CMS supervision changes came out on November 1?

If so, please post your experiences below (de-identified ok), so that we can all have additional data points to make decisions with.

Similarly, if you know of any PGY-5's that are in this boat, please encourage them to make an account and share their experiences here.

I posted my experience here on 11/9: To Medical Students Considering Rad Onc - Perspectives on the Future by an Optimist

Another experience was posted on 11/10: WomanWhoWouldCurie

This was reported on the Google Docs spreadsheet on 11/10 as well: "On an away at a doximity top 10 program right now. Two PGY5s just had offers pulled/interviews canceled because of the direct supervision change."

So that makes at least four of us. I'm sure there are more out there who have been affected. Please add additional data points below.

For those who wish to comment on this issue (and NOT add additional data points), please utilize the following threads so that we can keep this one clean:

CMS changes supervision rule. Rad Oncs no longer needed for daily operation of clinics. Med Students. Please read. You deserve to know implications.

Strategies for job search
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Nov 26, 2013
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Thanks for doing this and sorry to hear about your recent job cancellation. Please keep us posted.
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