2019 Applicant- how should I improve my app this year?

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Feb 27, 2018
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Hey y'all! I'm currently a junior. I just recently decided to take a gap year, as I feel like one more year of learning more about the profession and preparation for the application cycle itself will do me a lot of good. That being said, I want to use my senior year wisely. About me:
Neuroscience major, math and chem minors
cGPA: 3.82 sGPA: 3.78
MCAT: 524
Research: 250 hours with a wet lab. Should double that by the end of next year, hopefully a pub on the way.
Clinical volunteering: 90 hours last summer, 40 more by the end of the semester, 200 total by the end of senior year
Nonclinical volunteering: 120 hours volunteering at a health clinic and food market in an underserved community. Doesn't involve much patient interaction, so I view it as nonclinical. By the end of senior year, 200 hours and I am in charge a project studying a public health issue in the community and the best possible solutions, which we hope to start implementing this fall. About 25-30 hours with a different club as well.
Shadowing: 30 hours so far in 3 different specialties. Hoping to reach 50-60 and add one additional specialty.
Etc: I am involved in a few academic clubs, one of which I have significant leadership in.
This summer: I am going to be working with a neurologist which will involve 150 hours of clinical volunteering and 250 hours of clinical research, including extensive patient interaction. I am really excited for this opportunity!
So that about sums up my application heading into the 2019 cycle. I will probably spend summer 2019 and the gap year scribing. Any areas that I should address? Any places where I should shift focus? Thank you in advance!
(PS: I am in love with my current school and would love to continue on and go to med school here, but it is a top 10 school with emphasis on research- keep that in mind. Thanks!)


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Oct 8, 2017
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Just keep going with the clinical hours and write a solid app. With your MCAT/GPA apply wherever you want but apply to a lot of schools.
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