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Jul 22, 2020
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I will be too evil to recommend Chicago State University College of Pharmacy to my worst enemy. I swear that everything I have written here is true.

First and foremost, the Pharmacy field is saturated and the name and reputation of this school definitely does not help in such a job market where hours of pharmacists are being cut, older pharmacists are being laid off, new graduates are getting lower starting salaries and spending a year or more looking for jobs.

CSU CoP’s specialty is wasting human lives! This could be the worst ROI on one’s money and time. You may be better off laying in your couch for four years than coming to school to PAY or OVERPAY to waste 4 or more years of your life without a degree and A LOT of DEBT. The lives most wasted are that of African students. You can waste your youth and old age here. I feel so sorry for the older African students who went there to waste their lives and the girl who wasted almost 5 years of her life there because the DMTM Faculty did not like her. They metaphorically have “had their knees on the necks “of many African students – They have held them back while miraculously passing students of other ethnicities with lower grades, even Fs! On the average, African students end up incurring more student loan debt from this school or incurring six figure debt without a degree from this school. Their aim is to make you look like the worst student ever, psyche you out, keep you in school as long as possible so you become the gift that keeps on giving. They don’t want you to make it!

Their most recent former Interim Dean was all for students sitting out to come and repeat a year or class (It brings more money to the university). What does it do for students in the high unemployment state of Illinois (It could get them into unwanted trouble)? There is ONLY a unilateral benefit to the college of pharmacy and university.

You don’t have to fight a civil war in order to get a degree. They will put you through senseless stress. NOT WORTH YOUR WHILE!

If you are choosing this university’s COP because you are in the Afrocentric phase of your life, snap out of it. In the minds of the COP’s faculty, you have no options that is why you chose this school. African students should be extra careful around some of the African American Faculty in the program (especially on rotations and during practical exams). If you can avoid choosing them, please do (Sometimes they tell you that is all they have). They are sometimes the worst. You deserve better!

Why walk yourself to the slaughter house to be bled dry? When they hear the sound of YOUR NAME as you walk across the stage during the white coat ceremony, if one could see behind their eyeballs, there will probably be some dollar signs. They are saying, this is our money!

Africans ought to be extra careful here; TRIPLE CONSCIOUSNESS! This school is for African Americans, NOT for Africans. Should they discriminate against you, to many, African Americans cannot discriminate and they see all black people as some kind of friends. You are better off going to KKK college of pharmacy than CSU, because at the former, if they discriminate, you can definitely make a case.

It is suspected that some of their electronic systems can be manipulated by the faculty.

It is actually sad that the President, some of the Deans of the college of pharmacy, and board of trustees have an idea about some of these happenings.

Be on the lookout for the South Asian professor who sometimes coordinates the DMTM classes and one of the DAST classes (aka Miss Nice; she is actually a fake! She is nice to non-Africans though). If you have ever been to a graded DMTM exam review, whenever certain students point out questions to claim back points, she gives them the points without questioning, on the other hand, if some Africans or students she does not like point out questions for points back, she tells them, this is not how I want it stated. She is known to tell stuff about students she does not like to her faculty friends, so as to influence their grading of those students.

2019 BOARD EXAM PASS RATE of 50.8%? What the heck are they teaching? I forgot, they pass “STUDENTS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW THEY PASSED, BUT THEY PASSED”.


International Students also ought to be extra careful, you are paying too much to risk it with a school like this, which will obviously try to make as much money as possible off you and rip you off. Run!

If anyone ever recommends this school to you, unfriend them, they are not your friends!

They have a history of having some Deans and some Chair of department of pharmacy practice who will not move to save their own lives, how will they move to save yours? Just because someone is a big wig in the pharmacy world or has an Ivy league degree does not mean they are good people. I will be careful about some of the current and past administrators. “They are interestingly patient to the pain and suffering” of certain groups of students.

Some of the faculty are known to intentionally fail students and laugh when they see them come to repeat the class the next year. Very unprofessional!

You can meet the academic-standing committee and they will discuss the wrong things about you. You can transfer classes in and they will not find the classes (Where else can this happen?). Sleeping on their jobs!

From the top of the University’s administration to the bottom of the food chain, everyone is looking inward; no sense of urgency and no intent to leave a legacy. It’s just about shenanigans to keep their pockets full.

Do yourself a favor and choose another school before it becomes like they are doing you a favor even when it comes to reviewing your own exam. They will bull**** you around.

As the administrators of this university march around protesting systemic racism, is the system at the university’s COP racism-free. As they hold their placards in the fight for justice, are they JUST?

This university does not deserve your business! Let’s say R.I.P. to this ripping off.

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Honestly, 50.8% doesn't sound so bad. At least they can say that the majority of people pass the boards!
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Anyone who goes to this school needs a mental exam
Anyone who goes to any pharmacy school needs a mental exam.
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Well hypocrites protesting systemic racism in an empty virtue-signaling fashion isn't all that surprising.

You think Dan Synder gives two ****s about anything other than $$$$ when it comes to renaming the Washington "Football Team"
If this school makes it to ACPE Feb 21 meeting then I will be shocked. If you are a student then you need to be transferring somewhere.
50.8% sounds like this school needs to be sued for tuition money. What a joke!
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Honestly, 50.8% doesn't sound so bad. At least they can say that the majority of people pass the boards!
national average is around 90% and that board exam is not meant to fail people, only pick out those who have no idea what they are doing
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