2020: Competitiveness of admission to MD vs DMD/DDS schools


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Oct 26, 2016
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Is it generally harder to get into a MD Allopathic US medical school than a USA dental school? Could most incoming dental students be competitive for admissions for an MD school? (assuming they modify their applications and gain the medicine-related extracurricular activities)


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Jul 26, 2018
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The short answer is MD is generally harder. Many dental students could be competitive for an MD school, but far more would be competitive for DO.
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Jan 16, 2017
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In general, my guess is MD > DMD=DO > Caribbean MD

I think it probably varies between the tier of the schools though, i.e. lower tier MD schools may be less competitive than the most competitive dental schools
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May 7, 2019
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I looked at all the data from the official websites and found the averages for the year 2018. The MD has much higher standards than both DO and DDS/DMD. DO and DDS/DMD have very similar GPA standards, but there's no actual correlation between MCAT and DAT to make any sort of direct conjecture. As a person who actually took the MCAT, I can say for sure that it is way harder than the DAT, but I can't for sure say that 64 percentile on the MCAT is equivalent to 78 percentile on the DAT, although that's about roughly where I would equate them. So @hersh_98 was pretty spot on with their guess, maybe MD > DDS/DMD >= DO. Prior to this I would have thought that MD > DO > DDS for sure. I knew DO were less competitive than MD, and I figured like 3.6/507 MCAT, but I did not realize DO scores were so much lower.

Average MD school matriculant:
cGPA - 3.72
sGPA -3.65
MCAT - 511.2 (87 percentile according to 2017-2018 scale)

Average DO school matriculant:
cGPA - 3.54
sGPA - 3.43
MCAT - 504 (64 percentile according to 2017-2018 scale)
Pre-2015 MCAT - 25 (50 percentile)

Average Dental school matriculant:
cGPA - 3.55
sGPA - 3.45
DAT - 20.5 (Between 73-82 percentile at roughly 78% according to 2017 scale)


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Oct 1, 2013
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Bahaha, now we can all tell those people making stupid jokes about dentists being failed doctors to shove it.

The age old joke: "What do you call a doctor who couldn't get into medical school? A dentist."
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