2023-2024 Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)

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I emailed 2 weeks ago and they said they’re interviewing through March
I attended an info session 2-3 weeks ago and the admissions rep said they only had 3 interview dates left (which I assume would be over by now). Seems to conflict with the email responses that say they interview through March. Not sure which is correct at this point, maybe they will add more dates. but it does seem like previous years sent II throughout the whole month.

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Someone on another thread was pointing out that due to FAFSA delays, fewer people have committed to schools than normal; I wonder if they're waiting a little extra to figure out about how many people are coming already before deciding if/how many to interview
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Are they still sending II's at this point? Doesn't seem like it based on last year's cycle track.
Just called them and someone in admissions said they are done with the cycle. No more interview invites are being sent......
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if they’re done sending interviews why is it taking so long to get my R :(
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Ya why are they doing it in waves… Makes it seem like they’re still deciding even though II are done
I was complete early September. Seems like most folks who go their R already was complete before that. I’m probably wrong though
Finally got the R.

pre-II R OOS

OOS R pre II

IS pre II R

Same here, appreciate that they give the R right away after interviews conclude


OOS pre-II R
When were you folks complete?
IS pre-II R. damn. my cycle is over, and no acceptances...
i'll see yall next cycle
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I will get my R today, speaking it into existence here 🤞🏽
anyone know what waitlist is looking like? Or has in previous years?
OOS WL, surprised we heard this early, considering its a weekend and I thought they said 3/25
This is a more general question, but does Certiphi/AAMC only send your background check after you have officially chosen your medical school through the portal?
Can any previous students comment about the MD/MS program? Do you think it would help increase the chances of matching? What do the MD/MS students go on to do?
Hi! Is there an accepted students group me?
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