2023-2024 Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM)

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Please feel free to tag a pre-medical moderator once the secondary prompt has been posted.

Good luck to everyone applying!

Interview feedback:

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Members don't see this ad :)
Is it worth it to apply if you are OOS?

Website says: “Rowan-Virtua SOM does have some preference to NJ residents, but out-of-state applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. We accept competitive applicants from all over the country.”
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In last year's thread, ppl didn't start getting secondaries until July 7th, so maybe they will start sending them out tmr or next week.
For what it's worth, I visited two weeks ago and they said they were thinking of sending secondaries mid-July
Someone on reddit said that the website says it will be sent out july 10? I don't see it anywhere on the website though.
Members don't see this ad :)
Does anyone know if they screen for secondaries?
Just got an email verifying they received my primary and will send out secondaries in 1-2 weeks
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Received an email saying secondaries coming within 1-2 weeks
LOL that email was a cry for help asking us not to bombard with phone calls about the secondaries! That is super late compared to last cycle though... I saw the first secondary noted was July 7th
Trying to prewrite their secondary, don't think they have a word limit/character count. What are you guys aiming for?
Secondary received just now (3:30pm). Definitely seems like it’s going out in waves. OOS, strong ties.
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Primary Submitted : 7/22
Secondary Received : 7/27 today
Primary submitted: 07/18/23
Secondary received: 07/27/23

Does anyone know if secondaries are sent out to all verified applicants? Or are applicants screened?