Dec 25, 2019
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I unknowingly did the majority of the bootcamp practice test questions not knowing they were the same questions as the actual practice test(lol). This explains why I only have a few practice test scores from each. Also, each score represents different practice tests. Its also worth noting these scores are after Ive done the majority of practice questions.
bio: 19/18
gc: 18/20
pat: 19/19/19
rc: 22/23/20/19/17
qr: 18/19
AA(I took 1 full practice test): 20

BIO: The only reading resource I used was the bootcamp notes. Originally I intended to read feralis and cliffs but I didnt have the time. My first read through notes I just jotted the most important topics that I know I couldnt commit to memory on a sketch pad. So for example I would have a whole page on skeletal system and another on endocrine etc. I did all of the bc practice questions and practice test questions 3 times and the destroyer problems twice. Interestingly, a latin term mentioned 1 time on destroyer and none on bootcamp showed up on my DAT. I was mad that I forgot it because I distinctly remember telling myself there is no way this archaic term would show up instead of the most commonly used one. There was one word that didnt show up on BC or destroyer but I just used process of elimination and word association to get it correct.

GC: About 4 months prior to my actual studying I watched Chad's but forgot it all when I actually focused on studying for real. I did like the environment he taught in reminded me of a night class. My gc background was already strong so I just dived into BC questions until there was a concept I didnt know which then I would watch Mike's explanation on it. Overall I did the BC practice questions and practice test questions 2 times and the destroyer questions 2 times.

OC: My oc skills weren't that good. Starting I off I just drilled in the BC reaction chart page by page. After each section, such as alkenes, I would use BC's reaction q bank questions. I would then 2x speed Mike's videos on other topics such as acids & bases and do the practice questions right after. Overall I did the practice questions & practice test questions 3 times and destroyer twice.

PAT: I am so shocked, in utter disbelief. I was grinding TFE for 2 hours the morning of getting only about half right. My strategy was to do keyholes, which personally I think should be a 15/15 and then skip all of the TFE for the end. Angle ranking was much obvious on my test, I used the laptop method. Hole punching was typical, although I had to redraw about 5 problems due to me rushing and messing up. Cube counting leaned on the harder/tricker side. There wasnt an obvious one like BC. Cube counting was the only section I had time to check and found 2 wrong questions I corrected. Pattern folding is a tad simpler than BC, I didnt have to do any mental gymnastics, only shape/color accountability. For, TFE I just used the most rudimentary tactics and was unsure on half of them but i guess it worked.

Reading: This was the score I was most bummed in. I started of my first BC test and got a 23, then a 22 so I thought I was set. A week before my actual exam I took a few more practice tests and got 19 & 17. I didnt have any time to review any RC so I thought I was screwed and I was right lol. I'm not exactly sure why my reading scores were really good then went to below average. My only advice would be to keep your RC skills sharp or the multitude of other information might dampen them somehow.

QR: I hear a lot of horror stories about QR so I was scared especially since high school math is one of my weaknesses. I only did about 900 BC practice /practice test questions only(175 from each of the 5 sections). I didnt do any of the dat destroyer problems and did one math destroyer test and said f*ck it. About a fourth of the questions I got could be solved by plug and chug(overpowered method as long as youre quick). Got 3 of the same questions, just different numbers. Overall the test I took was really, really easy. I only marked one question which I solved by a tedious plug and chug.

Bootcamp: The best resource hands down. Everything on gc and oc on the DAT were covered. Questions are a little more than slightly difficult. I wish there were a bit more questions but I cant complain. Their score reports did tear my mental state up a lot. My only suggestion would be to get the reading tests similar to the actual DAT(cant scroll, must manually click to scroll and passage goes to top after every question). This was a big shock to me on the real DAT because I thought BC was spot on.

Destroyer: The best supplementary resource. Great resource due to its repetition of high yield questions. For example in the 800 bio questions there may be 2-3 similar versions of 1 concept which really drilled in the material. I highlighted questions, more specifically notes and words my first time through so my second or third time through I would just read the highlighted areas. This made going through destroyer multiple times easy. As for the difficulty, it is definitely in a different galaxy than the DAT. For example, DAT ochem had 1 step reactions at most for me and destroyer had like 4 steps.

Math Destroyer: I didnt use it, but taking the 1st practice exam and being so overwhelmed I can definitely say it is not necessary to do well(coming from someone who is bad at math). Bootcamp has like 1000 questions, that's more than enough(the only BC questions I didn't finish).

PATbooster: In my opinion, the most overrated way to spend 100$. To a beginner at PAT, there slightly more better explanations may seem worth the money but grinding bootcamp for awhile I would hardly ever go on patbooster. Their explanations didnt explain TFE to me, but then again neither did BC. Save the money and get the 100$ practice test or something else IMO.

Gpa: 3.44 after summer classes sGPA: 3.32. roughly
I have applied to all 4 TX schools, Roseman, MWU-IL, UoP, NYU, CASE, VCU, Temple, BU, Louiseville
Tx resident
I want to apply to 2 more schools that are non-discrimanatory to out of state applicants and maybe uphold the "low gpa-high dat" trend
Please give me a suggestion


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Congratulations! IMO it is always best to contact the dental school directly with your stats and get their advice. Your GPA is on the low side so I would make sure the other parts of your application are strong, especially your personal statement. No need spending a lot of money and time applying to schools that you have slight chance of an interview or acceptance.

Wishing you the DAT Destroyer
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