28R, cGPA 3.42, sGPA 3.5

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May 24, 2010
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So I finally took my MCAT and I raised my MD GPA from a 3.2 to a 3.4. My last two semesters were 4.0's (15 and 17 credits) and my summer GPA was a 3.86 (Exercise Physiology - A, Individual Investigation -A, Ochem Lab II -B).

MD cGPA: 3.42
MD sGPA: 3.50
DO cGPA: 3.56
DO sGPA: 3.68
GPA Trend
MCAT: 28R (PS 8, VR 9, BS 11)

MD Schools I applied to:
- Albany Medical College
- Case Western (in state)
- Howard University
- Meharry Medical College
- NEOMED (in state)
- Ohio State (in state)
- University of Toledo (in state)
- Tufts University
- University of Cincinnati (in state)
- Wright State (in state)

DO Schools I am looking at:
- A.T. Still University (MO and AZ)
- Midwestern University (AZ and IL)
- Des Moines University COM
- Edward Via COM
- Kansas City University
- Lake Erie COM
- Michigan State University
- NOVA Southeastern University
- Ohio University (in state)
- Philadelphia COM
- Rocky Vista University COM
- Touro University COM
- University of New England
- University of Pikeville
- Western University COM

- 200 hour clinical rotations form previous nursing major (graduated with Exercise Physiology major, Psychology minor)
- 306 hours Sunday School teacher and helper
- 55 hours paid substitute teacher
- 80 hours English tutor
- 95 hours sciences tutor
- 50 hours research assistant for my major
- 68 hours shadowing (24 hours DO)
- 45 hours soup kitchen
- 4 Deans Lists
- 2 President Lists

So basically, did I apply to the right MD schools? And the right DO schools? Any DO schools I should remove or add?

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Add NYMC (low stats)
Add Tulane (low stats)
Remove MSU (in-state preference/HIGH OOS tuition)
Remove Western (regional bias)

You look like a average candidate for competitive DO schools.
Your below average for MD but I think you got a shot. (Are your a URM?)
Best of luck!
Ah, thanks for catching those two DO schools.

No, I am not URM. I'm from Eastern Europe but I don't think that qualifies or makes a difference. I do have my US citizenship.

Edit: Should I bother with MD schools such as Chicagon, Scranton, Creighton, and Wisconsin? Their lowest MCAT was 25-27, but their lowest GPA was 3.26-3.48. Not sure whether my in-state schools will give me a better chance than these OOS private ones.
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