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Aug 3, 2002
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is anyone here in the same boat as me and is applying again? Also is it true that the adcoms like you better the second time around (of course after youve made drastic positive changes) and have a higher chance of getting in? I made my app so much better than last years. My grades went up my science gpa went up, and I took like 21 credits one semester while running a student club as president and working on my senior thesis and pulled a 3.8. My essay sounds much better and I got new letters from upper level science class teachers. Now the only thing that I am waiting for is my 29!!! I am so scared to get the grades. If its not at least a 29 (I got a 26 last time) I dont know what to do and to be honest a big part of me is scared that it wont be a 29. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

Help me AMCAS and just give me that 29!!


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Jan 9, 2002
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If your entire package looks better then you have a good shot.

Good luck.:)
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