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10+ Year Member
Dec 30, 2008
I have a cumulative gpa around 3.0, being dragged down by undergrad from 10 years ago. Graduated in 1998 with around a 2.25 gpa. Returned to school a couple of years ago. Science gpa is 4.0, and I'm taking the mcat in a month. Will end up getting a 2nd bachelors (biology), and should graduate with a 4.0. How strong do my mcat scores have to be to be competitive, and how much will admissions committees take into account my early undergraduate grades since they do not reflect my current performance?


10+ Year Member
Apr 4, 2007
All admissions committees have their own parameters for considering non-traditional applicants, but as a generalization the fact that your poor grades were earned long ago and the new you has proven to be strong academically will work in your favor. Besides getting several years of an A average, a strong MCAT score will be important to prove you "got it". You'll be competitve with a 36, but I doubt you'll have to perform that well since you're a non-trad. But of course, the closer, the better. When you apply, you must apply broadly, including MD and DO schools in the mix. I'll assume you are well aware of all the other important elements of a good application. If you haven't found SDN's non-trad forum yet, be sure to read Non-Trad Secrets to Application Success: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=321873
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