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3.26gpa, 32 MCAT, Michigan Resident?


Full Member
Oct 23, 2010
  1. Pre-Medical
    I am currently a senior and in the middle of the 2011 application cycle. I haven't heard back from any schools yet, though have applied to 20 schools. I've applied to all schools in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York and a couple in Florida. I'm getting nervous about not getting in, should I expect any interviews?

    Some specifics:
    Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
    Dual concentrations: Microbiology & Biopsychology
    MCAT = 32 (Balanced Score: 10, 10, 12)
    GPA = 3.26
    science GPA = 3.1

    Research Experience: 2 x Research Labs including eventual authorship.
    Clinical Experience: Yes
    Hospital Volunteer: Yes
    Extracurricular: 2 x university clubs
    Shadowing experience: Yes

    Letters of Rec: 5 of them - Strong


    Future Urologist
    10+ Year Member
    Jan 31, 2010
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      Look at my MDapps. The reality is, you probably will not get in this year. It's the GPA. Luckily, everything else looks good. Since you are currently still in school, you'd better be getting all As for the rest of the year. You just need to significantly raise your GPA. After you graduate, see where you stand with the GPA, and if it is still below 3.5, consider a special masters program. Other information can be found in these forums. Good luck.


      Full Member
      10+ Year Member
      Feb 24, 2008
      1. Medical Student
        if you have one or two classes that are bringing that number down, you can always apply DO after repeating those classes. The DO application takes the most recent grade only, which is a great way to increase the GPA quickly.
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        Full Member
        Oct 23, 2010
        1. Pre-Medical
          My gpa will not rise above a 3.5 with A's in all my classes from now until the I graduate. It would be around a 3.35. Is there anything I can do to get in this cycle? Because at most MD programs, asides from the top few, the gpa range for accepted students is like a 3.1 to 4.0, and mcat from like 26 to 40.

          How are the people with relatively weak undergraduate gpa's still able to make it? I feel like my entire application is strong except for that major weakness. I do have a pretty solid major, plus am dual concentrating.

          If I don't make it in this cycle what is the best option? Some people go through a post bac., others a 1 years masters program, while others grad school. My goal is to definitely do anything possible to get into a medical school.

          I am applying to the MSU DO school (class profile: gpa: 3.4, MCAT: 26). I think my app. should be good enough to get an interview/admission but am not really sure?

          Ignatius M.D.

          Full Member
          10+ Year Member
          Nov 13, 2010
          1. Resident [Any Field]
            Good quality undergraduate institution, difficult program of study, solid MCAT, but weak GPA. I think you have a good chance of getting in somewhere. I'm from Florida and should tell you not to waste your time except for UM (although I think they said they wont take less than 3.6 out of state). All of the other Fl schools highly prefer state residents, even to the point of taking barely any out of state. They will only take 33/3.7+ most likely. I'd look at schools that don't traditionally get ranked high, but provide good a education (Rush, NYMC, Albany, etc.).


            The Gimlet Eye
            Verified Expert
            15+ Year Member
            Sep 4, 2006
            The Other Side of the Portal
            1. Attending Physician
              I think the odds are against your getting into an MD school this cycle (stats tables suggest about 30ish%, and include those completing SMPs). Consider either applying to a Special Masters Program this coming spring 2011 or add a lot more DO med schools to your list next season. Meanwhile try to raise your BCPM/sGPA as much as you can this current academic year.
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