Jun 22, 2014
I am in my senior year at UCSB studying molecular biology. I would project my cGPA to be 3.4 and my sGPA around 3.4 as well, because 75% of my units are science classes this year.

Just got my MCAT scores yesterday and it did not go as well as I had hoped (I was scoring 33-37 on the AAMC practice tests) but retaking after 11/9/11 seems a bit ill-advised, so I will just apply with this score.

-200+ hours in 2 local hospitals (rotated through telemetry, sub-acute, radiology, and ER. I have a LOR from the program coordinator, most likely going to be my weakest letter)
-Spent a summer in Vietnam setting up clinics (2 LORs from the program coordinator/gynecologist and a cardiologist, both MD's however)
-Various activities through my premed fraternity (tutoring kids, planting trees, street clean-up, etc...)
-I am working on characterizing a mussel protein in a molecular biology lab (2 LORs from my post doc and my PI, easily will be my strongest letters of rec)
-I have been a campus security officer since the end of my freshman year (not the coolest job, but I needed to make money lol).
-I was on the rowing crew my freshman year, had to quit because I didn't have time after getting a job. I feel like this would be a good thing to talk about when it comes to teamwork though.

Anyways, that's my background. My question is what schools should I apply to? My GPA is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum for DO schools and especially for MD schools. My MCAT score is mediocre at best for MD schools (maybe I'll apply to a couple lower tier MD schools, suggestions would be appreciated). Should I consider doing a postbac program? (again, suggestions would be appreciated). I have the MSAR and the equivalent for DO schools. Btw, where can I find the GPAs and MCAT scores for individual DO schools? I like how the MSAR breaks down the GPA and MCAT into 10th-90th percentile and I'm hoping to find something similar to that for DO schools.

I know there's a lot of questions here, so you don't have to answer all of them, but I appreciate any help.


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Jun 10, 2010
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Invest in MSAR Online and target schools whose median numbers are closest to your own. I have to warn you, the median GPA of acceptees is 3.6 for MD schools.

You're competitive for ALL DO schools. @user3 was kind enough to post a list of the stats at COM's so search that out.
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