3.4 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA, 35S MCAT


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Jan 9, 2011
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    I'm looking to have my school list critiqued. By the time my actual application goes through, I should have about 33 more credits into my GPA, so it's on the upswing. I'm capable of maintaining MI residency or filling out the paperwork to establish NC residency (and I would love to hear recommendations on that). Obviously UNC would be a top choice, so I'm very curious about whether it would be worth it to switch my residency or if my stats are just too low to make the trouble of applying worth it no matter what I manage.

    cGPA: 3.4
    sGPA: 3.3
    MCAT: 35S (12 PS, 12 BS, 11 VB)

    -3 years as a research technician in a genetics laboratory (10-20 hrs/week)
    -4 years involved with an educational non-profit, including campus branch president and administration for national functions (10-20 hrs/week)
    -2 years hospice care volunteer (3-6 hrs/week)
    -Approximately 40 hours shadowing DOs


    University of Iowa
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    Jun 3, 2010
      I don't know the specific schools off the top of my head but for MD schools, apply to some of the mid-west (Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia) schools, newer schools, and a couple of reaches.

      For DO schools, also think about applying to PCOM (in Pennsylvania) , KCUMB (in Missouri), and NSU (in Florida). If you're applying to PCOM, make sure you can get a letter of rec from your department head.

      I think if you keep your GPA up, you have a decent shot at getting in a MD school. DO schools will eat you up too. For EC's maybe see if you can get some leadership experience. Otherwise, you should be sitting pretty.

      Lastly, apply early.

      Good luck!


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      Aug 11, 2011
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        With that mcat and possibly a ~3.5 or more, I think you have a good shot at UNC if you were in-state. I live in NC and besides UNC the only other public school we have is Brody and I don't think it is worth getting a NC residency for trying to get into UNC, unless it is definitely one of your main choices...and that's just because I think you could get into a couple Michigan MD schools. If you do apply to UNC as an out-of-state applicant (even though your MCAT is fantastic) your chances are kinda slim. They have a huge in-state bias and reject near perfect stats OOS applicants all the time.
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