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Apr 15, 2016
URM, Florida resident, decided senior year of college to go into Medicine
Top 5 undergrad
Strong upward GPA trend, past 3yrs GPA ~3.7
Shadowed family practice doctor ~60hrs
Working as a scribe for the past 4 months ~150hrs
Peer educator during undergrad with leadership experience
Some research experience
During post-bac at a Florida public state school- Tau Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi Honors, Dean's List during both semesters

Chances for MD/DO?
From my research, my stats are average for DO and quite below average for most MD.
I know I can do significantly better on the MCAT. Minimally studied and took without doing Biochem. Do I take a chance applying this cycle and potentially retake the MCAT in January?
What's a good list of schools for my stats?


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Sep 15, 2012
Attending Physician
You are competitive for most DO schools so apply to at least 10 and you should receive several interviews. You may need a DO LOR for some schools. For MD you have a chance for interviews at your Florida schools except Miami. However, if you are applying for MD you need to apply this week and submit all your secondaries by late September. You are probably better off applying next year assuming you can increase your MCAT to at least 508.
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Aug 3, 2016
Agree with Faha. I definitely think you can do better on the MCAT. Take Biochem, study again and raise that MCAT to 508 or higher. Since some schools average your MCAT, try for a 515 (but thats one difficult score to get, but with hard work you never know). I think you should apply next cycle, if you decided to go into med school as a senior I think you can wait one more cycle and do some more work on your ECs.

In case you do decided to apply this cycle, apply mainly to DO schools, and some low-tier MD schools since you're an URM. In the end it's up to you and what you think is best. Good luck!
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