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Oct 22, 2015
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some input on my chances at both MD/DO programs! I'm looking to apply next cycle in 2018. I will be starting a formal post bac program this fall and looking to ace it. What are my chances of schools I can target realistically after the post bacc(43 units)?

Asian male from California.
I scored a 509 on the MCAT

My stats are:
-cGPA 3.47 and sGPA 3.35

-cGPA 3.47 and sGPA 3.30

V trend throughout undergrad. (strong fresh/senior year)

Over 100+ hours general hospital volunteer. Over 100+ hours in clinic volunteering in underserved area, 100+ hours in children with disability camp

Clinical Experience:
- ER Scribing (1yr+)
- Physician shadowing: Spent a summer (200+ hours) shadowing an internal medicine MD, 50 hrs shadowing DO internal medicine

Undergrad Extracurricular activities:
- Coordinated program for underrepresented high school students to access higher education.
- President of ethnic organization
- Founded arts/craft club for pediatric patients
- Academic Mentor/tutor for Pre-Health Majors

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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Sep 15, 2012
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With your current stats you are competitive for all DO schools so apply to at least 8 and you should receive several interviews. For MD schools I suggest these assuming you do well in your post bac:
Loma Linda
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Western Michigan
Medical College Wisconsin
Rosalind Franklin
St. Louis
any new schools that open for 2019 (Seton Hall, Roseman, Kaiser, NOVA MD, etc.)
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