Aug 4, 2016
Hi SDN -

I am about to start my senior year at a top liberal arts school in the California IE. I took the MCAT this past spring and I decent, though not sure if it is enough to bolster my application enough to get me into any CA school. As such, I have decided to take a gap year or two to strengthen my application enough to get in to a CA school the first time around. My question is - what are my chances with my current application/EC's/stats? Ideally I'd like a shot at UCSD or USC

As stated, I will have about a 3.5 c/s gpa upon graduation this coming year, majoring in molecular biology and computer science
- 515 MCAT
- 1 year of being an Ochem tutor (about 6 hours a week)
- 2 years of being an Ochem lab TA (about 8 hours a week)
- two years of research at my school, no pubs, presented poster at national ACS convention
- two week medical mission trip to third world country
- CA resident
- founded/presided over a club teaching simple CS concepts to underserved, special needs elementary school students in the area
- currently in an internship in the DC area, working for a DoD lab doing drug development (medical ?) research, two potential pubs in the pipeline
- URM hispanic, absolutely planning on serving my community as a physician
- volunteering for ~4 hours a week at a nearby hospital primarily serving the hispanic community

EDIT: forgot to mention the 3.5 is a result of a strong upward trend due to some health issues early on in school


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May 5, 2015
What kind of Hispanic(not all are URMs) and do you speak Spanish. Those are questions Keck and UCSD will care about