3.51 cGPA 3.55 sGPA 516 mcat - huge upward trend, bad ec's

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Apr 27, 2016
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Hey, pretty new to the forums here but just looking for a little reassurance.

Anyways, after an atrocious freshman year (2.7 gpa) with a D in calc 2, I got my act together and finished with straight A's my last 2 years (retook calc and got an A!) for a 3.93 average over that time.Brought the cumulative up to the 3.51, with A's in courses like biochem and genetics.

Content with my mcat, as all scores were around what I expected except for CARS (which I got a 126 in).

Unfortunately, because of my poor freshman year it was difficult to be competitive for research positions early on. This is definitely the area of my app that worries me the most (aside from the grades).

Have an average amount of volunteering and am planning on doing ~50 hrs of shadowing in the next 3 or so weeks.

Went to a top 5 public school and am a resident of Oregon.

Looking specifically for how people think I would be looked at by OHSU (in-state, top choice) or for input on schools to target.

Also, any last minute things I could do to improve my app before submitting a month or two from now?


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"Average amount of volunteering" tells nothing at all. What are your experiences, precisely? Clinical, non-clinical, tutoring, leadership, etc.