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Oct 10, 2015
I was a premed undergrad, and kept trying to talk myself out of going to medical school route (family pressures etc) but I just can't do it, medicine is what I am made to do. Majored in Anthropology with a concentration in medical anthropology and global health from well-ranked university (it ranks in the global top 15), as well as a minor in global health as well.

My stats:
3.12 sGPA (just the basic prereqs)
3.82 mGPA

Factoring in my post baccalaureate courses (4.0s in all of them):
3.52 cGPA
3.21 sGPA

I'm looking at schools in Arizona (UA-PHX and UA-Tucson), Oregon (OHSU), Colorado (UC Denver), Washington (UW Seattle), and maybe Texas. Had a rough sophomore year (got a 2.3, 2.9 in orgo and a 2.8 in biology) but upward trend through the rest of college. Will post my exact grades if asked.

Should I retake any classes? I am completing several upper division science courses at another university this fall (biochemistry plus lab, microbiology plus lab, genetics, and cell biology) to show that I can succeed in higher level coursework.

I have 3 months research experience in a chemical ecology lab, and 1.5 years of experience researching maternal health and immigrant health in Sierra Leone as a part of my major's honors program (was unable to complete because my advisor left the university). I volunteered at a children's hospital in the sibling and in-patient care unit for 1.5 years. I completed 40 hours of surgical shadowing at a children's hospital and 8 hours at a pediatrician's.

I interview on Monday for a medical internship which including weekly shadowing and working in an emergency room for a semester. Also will begin volunteering at a new children's hospital or other hospital next month.

Taking an MCAT prep course with TPR in January. What are my chances?
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