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Mar 18, 2015
First-time applicant, applying next cycle,
Rising Senior at a solid liberal arts school in the northeast. (NJ resident)

3.59 cGPA, 3.55 sGPA. Slight upward trend (3.3 freshman year) (have one more year to improve it)
522 MCAT (132/130/130/130)
ECs: Pretty good, EMT, one publication, TA, etc.
LORs: They'll be alright, nothing special

Since my MCAT and GPA tell very different stories I don't know how on earth to make a school list. I don't know if I should be applying low tier or top tier and could really use some help. Hoping to apply to ~30 schools. My list needs MAJOR alterations. Any suggestions adding or dropping would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

1. Keck
2. Colorado
3. Quinnipiac
4. GW
5. Georgetown
6. USF
7. U Miami
8. Emory
9. Rosalind Franklin
10. U Illinois
11. Tulane
12. BU
13. Oakland
14. Western Michigan
15. Mayo?
16. Creighton
17. Dartmouth
18. Cooper
19. Rutgers
20. RWJ
21. Albert Einstein
22. Hofstra
23. NYMC
24. Downstate
25. Stony Brook
26. Rochester
27. Wake Forest
28. Case Western
29. Ohio State
30. Cinncinnati
31. OHSU
32. Drexel
33. Temple
34. Penn state (relative went there)
35. Thomas Jefferson
36. Brown
37. Baylor (had internship there)
38. Vermont
39. East Virginia
40. V Tech
41. College of Wisconsin

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!



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May 5, 2015
I would definitely Remove the OOS lowe tiers your McAT is way above their 90th espec the ones that get >9k apps( ie GW Drexel etc)

Your list is obviously way too long but you need a higher proportion of schools that are high stat ones. You'll likely have a pretty good shot with your state achools in NJ. So you should consider this and try to target more of the OOS schools you would seriously consider turning down your cheap state achool tuition for. In terms of schools most likely to interview you those are like OOS friendly schools with an MCAT median around 34-35 roughly(ie Keck Ohio St Miami etc)