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3.6 GPA, 519 MCAT - WAMC and School List Help


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Dec 3, 2014
  1. Non-Student
    Hi All, I'm planning on applying this upcoming cycle and wanted some input on creating a school list. I applied to 35 MD schools during 2017-2018, receiving no interviews. I am a NY resident, not URM. Application was submitted early June with all secondaries complete around late July or early August. I graduated in 2014 with degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry and work as a chemical engineer.

    April 2015: 508
    Phys: 128, CARS: 127, Bio: 125, Psych: 127

    January 2019: 519
    Phys: 131, CARS: 128, Bio: 130, Psych: 130

    cGPA: 3.60, sGPA: 3.56
    My last year I had a 3.81 GPA despite taking all of the Chemistry major requirements except Gen Chem and Organic.

    I did research full time the summer between my junior and senior years, as well as throughout my senior year. This resulted in two publications, one as first author. My job as an engineer is also research oriented. I have three granted patents and seven patents submitted, along with seven conference abstracts.

    I worked ~20 hours per week part time as a scribe from 7/16-6/17, accumulating ~1000 hours. In May I began working ~16 hours per week as a Patient Care Tech at a local hospital as well as volunteering 2 hours per week in a local ED.

    I have tutored chemistry and mathematics, coached recreational soccer, and helped with fundraisers for a family foundation.

    I worked two jobs throughout undergrad, consisting of 20-30 hours per week.

    Between the MCAT score and additional healthcare experience, my application is significantly stronger than it was last time I applied. Taking this into account, I'm interested in what schools I am now competitive at.

    Thank you!
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    Sep 15, 2012
    1. Attending Physician
      I suggest these schools with your stats:
      ALL 4 SUNY's
      New York Medical College
      Seton Hall
      Penn State
      George Washington
      Eastern Virginia
      Virginia Commonwealth
      Wake Forest
      NOVA MD
      Oakland Beaumont
      Western Michigan
      Medical College Wisconsin
      Rosalind Franklin
      TCU-UNTHSC (new school)
      Kaiser(new school)
      California University (new school)
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