3.70 cgpa, 3.63 sgpa, 32N

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Sep 13, 2011
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I'm a biochemistry major with a 3.70 overall gpa.

MCAT break down 11/10/N/11

Extracurricular and clinical experience:
Piano teacher 120 hours
Shadowed 3 doctors 120 hours
Hospital volunteer 50 hours
Treasurer of dance club

Biochem scholarships 2010 and 2011
Dean's list 2008 - present

I have had positive comments on my personal statement. I think my LOR are strong, considering my professors and doctors seemed happy to write them for me..

However my AMCAs application just got verified and I just received alot of secondaries and will get them done this weekend.

How will I fair in this cycle? I'm just trying to get into my state school of VCU.


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I mean..its very late. Your GPA and MCAT are basically average.

I would concentrate on the schools you have the best chance to get in and the ones you really want. I know you paid for some of the schools on your primary app already but you might not want to waste the money on the secondaries.
Rushing these will definitely put you at a disadvantage because you do not put the time in the deserve.

Did you prewrite any secondaries?
Very late? Or just getting late...but ughhyeah I know late nonetheless. I have only submitted the secondaries that were automatically sent out to every applicant. I will have all weekend to work on the secondaries I have received so far. I guess I just need to hear it from someone but it's not too late to at least get into my state school?? they have 30 mcat and 3.6 gpa as their averages. Ugh FML