Mar 1, 2016
New York
Hi all, thanks in advance. I was hoping to gauge my chances of admission this cycle. I applied to all 13 medical schools in NY state, Pitt, Dartmouth, Tufts, BU, Jefferson, Drexel, U of Vermont, and Rosalind Franklin. What are my chances?

Note: I transferred from a state school to an Ivy after my freshman year and didn't do very well (I got a C+ in one semester of organic chem and a C+ in organic chem lab), but grades shot back up my junior and senior years. I also got U in a 1-credit pass/fail class (which was on the transcript for being a physics TA). It was because I had forgotten to hand in a summary about an assigned reading...pretty stupid of me. That class was accompanied by another 1-credit class, which I had no problems getting the credit for. I know these might be red flags.

Asian male.

  • Year in school: Graduated May 2015
  • Country/state of residence: New York
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.70
  • Science GPA: 3.65
  • MCAT Scores: 517
  • Research: 1 year psychology research freshman year (presented a poster in Chicago), 1 semester parasitology research, 1 summer working full time in the same parasitology lab.
  • Volunteering (clinical): 175 hours working with congestive heart failure pts
  • Physician shadowing: 20 hours orthopedic surgeon, 100 hours IM
  • Non-clinical volunteering: various projects through Alpha Phi Omega
  • Extracurricular activities: Director of Pledging of APO, resident advisor, teaching assistant for 3 science classes, various other tutor/mentor positions
  • Employment history: part-time tutor after I graduated (so that I had time to study for the MCAT), full-time ED scribe since June 2016.
  • Immediate family members in medicine? None, first-gen college student


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May 5, 2015
Your a good candidate for all the SUNYs
Schools like Rochester Einstein Hofstra Boston U Jefferson and Tufts also target people in your stat range. IF the interviews go smoothly you should be fine