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I am going to try and keep this somewhat vague but here goes!

Michigan resident. Non-Trad
My MCAT breakdown is 8V, 9P, 10B Total 27
Clinical Volunteering: Roughly 300 hours as an Emergency Department volunteer, another 50 hours as a volunteer in the Radiology Department.
Physician Shadowing: Roughly 50 hours shadowing an Ortho in the operating room and clinic, around 25 hours shadowing a Pediatric HEMOC
Research: 2 semesters as part of a meta data project, non lab research, all I did was enroll participants by collecting their personal information and explaining the survey they had to fill out.
Non Clinical: I have been a Veteran Mentor for over 2 years at a special Veterans Treatment Court here in town, I help veterans with their transition back into civilian life.
Employment: My first 4 years after high school I was in a branch of the military as an Infantryman, plenty of leadership experience, personal awards, and the lucky recipient of two deployments, one to each Iraq and Afghanistan.
LOR: I have 5 great letters from teachers, physician, military leadership

I have completed/received secondaries from:
Michigan State MD
Michigan State DO
University of Michigan
Wayne State
University of Ohio
University of Southern Florida
University of South Carolina
University of Arizona Tucson
University of Hawaii -already rejected but I was stationed there so I wanted to at least try
Tulane -rejected as well but was encouraged to apply due to my unique story and life experience
Central Michigan University
University of Colorado
Alabama- received but have not submitted as of 9/24
University of Vermont

Mainly I am starting to wonder if I should add more schools, and if I should, what schools. I have no problem with either DO or MD, private or state, or geographic location, my goal is to get accepted and continue moving forward towards my career goal.
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First off., many thanks for your service to our country.
Goro suggests ALL MI medical schools, MD and DO
University of Ohio
University of Southern Florida
U Toledo
All new MD schools, except Hofstra
Penn State
the Philly triplets
Wake Forest

All DO schools except AZCOM. Start with MSUCOM, MUCOM, DMU, OH-COM, LECOM and CCOM, and then work your way outwards. Avoid LUCOM.
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