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Aug 19, 2010
3.79 GPA (from Berkeley for whatever it's worth), 30Q MCAT (11PS, 8V, 11BS) ouch.:(

TA for discussions on medical ethics and topics (entails running a school internship program)
2 years of research, possible name on small publication by summer
100+ hours shadowing with two different pediatricians (want to be one)
100+ hours volunteering hospital - emergency dept
EMT cert/ride-alongs
Big brother, part of treatment plan for kiddo with selective mutism (interested in developmental psychology as well)
Other youth experience teaching health education at high schools
In application process for Americorps for after summer
6 letters of reqs possible (standard 2sci 1 nonsci profs + 2 doctors and my PI)
The academic reqs are going to be decent reqs. But the non academics are going to be excellent (I'd hope to think)

So, basically, I made the mistake of trying to do the mcats while balancing school during the semester and got a low score.:thumbdown: Of course, no excuses. But I know I can do a lot better the next time around. Should I apply right now or wait for a retake and apply next cycle?

Thanks SDN, really appreciate your input!:D