3.83 GPA, 3.99 sGPA, WAMC

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May 12, 2024
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I just finished my undergrad at McGill University. I am taking the MCAT in July, in hopes of getting a good enough score to apply this cycle. I am studying full-time for 2.5 months, while also writing my med app. I want to submit my primary app before receiving my MCAT back, so it can get approved ahead of time.

GPA: 3.83 GPA, 3.99 sGPA, Psychology BS

MCAT: taking it mid-July

Demographics: white female, Vermont resident

Clinical: 600 hours as an emergency first aid responder - direct patient contact (AED, oxygen tank, splints, Narcan, cervical collar, etc)

Research: roughly 1200 hours, 2.5 years (testing pre-frontal cortex resilience in mice, NICU data collection, literary reviews on African health care systems). 1 Publication

Shadowing: ~100 hours shadowing pathologist, radiologist, cardiothoracic surgeon, neonatologist, Psychiatrist, and ED doctor

Non-clinical Volunteering: ~150 hours preparing meals for community members in need.

Leadership: 100 hrs Events Coordinator for a club, 50 hrs freshman orientation leader for incoming students

Other: Interned at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in the Patient Support Program Department, worked at Expo 2020 Dubai (US State Department internship - selected as 1 of 75 American representatives from a national application), studied abroad in Prague

I was wondering if I have a good chance of getting into MD (if I get a decent MCAT score)? Is taking the MCAT mid-July too late?

I have clinical and volunteer experience from my junior and senior years in high school. Since I started university in 2020 (limited opportunities to get experience due to COVID), is it okay to include experience from HS on my application? I have 1 year of caregiving and 1.5 years of volunteering in the Pediatrics unit at a hospital.

Thanks so much!

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Depends on your MCAT score. You could apply to one school (Vermont) so you will by verified by July. Pre write your secondaries for other schools so you will be ready to add those schools in mid August. Post your score here when available.