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3.83 total GPA, 1st year 1st semester bad grades


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Jul 11, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hi there,

    I was wondering how adversely a bad semester would affect me. I got a D in First year Math, C in Intro Physics and a B in a science elective. I chose not to retake the D grade - All my grades since have been straight As. I am a traditional applicant applying after 3rd year. My coursework is quite rigorous, having taken 4 graduate level courses this year. Is the bad semester likely to be of concern to admissions based on what you know?

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      You might want to re-take your C's and D's. A lot of schools won't accept anything lower than a B to fulfill pre-reqs and you want to show them you can succeed in those classes. On the topic of grades, I don't think bad grades 1st semester freshman year is a big deal at all especially with your upward trend and strong cumulative GPA. I would worry about your science GPA (consists of bio, chem, physics and math grades), which is another reason you should re-take those classes.


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      Dec 23, 2015
      1. Pre-Medical
        There are pros and cons to retaking classes. Most medical schools factor in both grades when computing your science G.P.A and your non science G.P.A. They are not really worried about what you got in your freshman math and freshman science courses. They are more worried about how you did in your junior and senior level classes! As long as you showed progression through out your undergraduate career, you should be ok. When you are filling out the application from medical school, make sure you add in there ( personal statement and/or disadvantage statement) what happened. They want to see that you take ownership! Make the lemon into lemonade! When asked, "I see that you got a D in Blah Blah Blah..." That is when you take ownership tell them what you learned from that experience and redirect them to how you got an A in an upper level course that is similar! I hope all this makes sense!
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