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Hello everyone, Ill try to be short and concise

GPA when I graduate spring 2017: 3.85/ science 3.71
my transcript is literally all A's EXCEPT for a C in BOTH orgo I and II. I also got B- in Physics II. On the pluside I got an A in biochem...
my reason (not an excuse) for why I recieved a C in orgo was because I was working 20-30hr/wk, I wanted more money for gas and going out tbh...
I did most pre-reqs at CC (except Physics II) , so idk what my chances are for top 20 schools.....

MCAT- aiming for April 2017. With biochemistry fresh in my mind I'm aiming for 510-515 for the MCAT

Part time job at a furniture store
(started 2014, plan on staying)- Sales Associate. worked here 7/8 college semesters
Part time job for an Ophthalmologist (MD)- I think I have at least 1000 hours here (idk why people convert to hours) but I would have been here 2 years when its time to apply. Here I scrib, perform testing on patients, write/send prescriptions, assist in medical producers, finish charts, deal with insurance and stuff etc. basically medical assistant.
Research 3 semesters ( NIST): currently 1 paper in review, coauthor... I am hoping this gets published!
President of 2 clubs (the math club, and a biological sciences club)
Tutored- at community college for general chemistry and calc I/pre-calc
Lead study groups- for biochemisty and cell biology
I plan to start volunteering next semester when my credit load is lighter. I did some volunteering during my freshman year, but when organic chem came around I stopped lol

I'll be 21 next year. African American (URM), average-low income family, mom retired & dad mostly took leave for medical reasons. Partly raised by a single parent (my parents are married but my dad leaves overseas to visit family). First generation college student.

like most say, I'm expecting to write a good PS and have good letters of rec. lol

do you think I should wait another year gain more clinical experience from maybe a PCP? gain more research experience, more volunteering hours etc.? or are my chances good now?

thank you!


Study your butt off for that MCAT because with a 515 you would be a candidate at any school in the country.
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